Five Things You Need to Know When You Get an Apartment for Rent

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There are so many things that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for an apartment. From the size of the apartment to how bedrooms and bathrooms there are in your apartment, knowing these details can be very important and make or break your rental experience.

However, besides the layout and the dimensions of the apartment, there are a few more serious things you should know that could further alter your experience.

The Lease

The lease is an extremely important part of the rental process. It will contain a list of things that you can and cannot do as well as what the landlord is responsible for. For example, in my lease, I am responsible for shoveling the front stoop when it snows. But the landlord is responsible for paying for the water utility. 


Though it goes without saying, you should not sign any lease or formal agreement until you have read the lease all the way through and you understand its terms. If you do not read the lease, you could be subject to any number of hidden costs.

The Rent

Another no-brainer is to know how much the rent will be. Your lease will usually include the rent for the apartment. If the rent amount in the lease does not match the rent amount you have agreed on with the landlord, you might not want to sign the lease and look for another apartment for rent in dubai

This is a sign that either the landlord or the realtor is not trustworthy, and who knows what other things they have hidden from you about the apartment. You must be on guard for anything different from what you have been told and what the lease says.

The Payment Method

The third thing you must to know before you get an apartment for rent is how you are going to pay the landlord. Does he accept credit cards or check, or is he cash only? Knowing this will help you be better prepared to pay every month.

For example, my landlord and I worked out an arrangement whereas he visits my apartment every month and pay him cash. This is a perfect setup for me because I don’t have to send money via mail and don’t have to worry about him cashing the check at a time that is inconvenient to me if I have budget issues. 

The Landlord

You should take some time to speak with the landlord. You’re looking to see whether you think you can trust him. If you think the landlord is untrustworthy, you may not want to sign a lease with him. On the other hand, if he is honest and forthright, then maybe this is the landlord that will be right for you.

Be wary of the landlord promising any significant repairs after you sign the lease. Unless those repairs are included as terms of the lease, the landlord will not need to make these repairs if you are paying him the rent.

The Law

The last thing you should know is the law when it comes to landlord-tenant disputes. You should know the legal rights that you have if he tries to scam or cheat you. Likewise, you should know what the responsibility is for you as a tenant to take care of the property.

In some areas, the landlord will be favored every time. In other areas, the tenant will be favored every time. It all depends on the court system in your area. If you are renting in an area where the landlord is heavily favored, beware as this will allow him more legal leeway than he usually has.


Examining the lease, knowing what the rent costs, and meeting the landlord are very important. So is knowing how to pay him and knowing what the law is and how it favors your situation or doesn’t. These five things will make you successful when you get an apartment for rent. 


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