• Five Summer Colours That Will Boost Mood in Your Home

    We all want to feel calm in our home, particularly these days when many of us can struggle with the likes of stress and anxiety. Our home is our sanctuary, from the living room to the bathroom, kitchen to back garden. these days we can do with Five summer colors that will boost the mood in your home.

    Ensuring that throughout our home calmness oozes through is incredibly important. Many psychologists, counsellors and even professionals aiding people through private alcohol rehab note the importante of a tidy, calming and healthy home, and a way in which you can really bring that feeling is through the colours used in a space.

     As we move into the summer months, there are a wealth of colours that can offer a more uplifting, calming and mood boosting feel around the house, so if you’re looking to redecorate, here are five colours to think about…

    Sunshine Yellow

    Yellow is synonymous with sunshine and happiness. Incorporating shades of yellow into your home decor can instantly brighten up any room. Opt for a soft pastel yellow for walls or accents in living areas to create a warm and inviting feel. If you prefer a bolder statement, consider adding pops of vibrant yellow through accessories like cushions, artwork, or even a cheerful yellow rug in the hallway. Yellow stimulates creativity and optimism, making it an ideal choice for summer.

    Aqua Blue

    Cool and calming, aqua blue evokes images of clear skies and tranquil waters. This shade of blue is perfect for bringing a sense of serenity to your home during the summer heat. Use aqua as a dominant colour in rooms like the bedroom or bathroom to promote relaxation. Decorate with aqua-hued linens, curtains, or decorative ceramics to create a soothing coastal vibe. Aqua blue pairs beautifully with whites and sandy neutrals, creating a refreshing and airy atmosphere.

    Fresh Green

    Green is the colour of nature and renewal, making it an excellent choice for summer decor. Choose shades of fresh green such as mint or sage to evoke feelings of vitality and growth. Incorporate green into your home with lush indoor plants or botanical prints on cushions and wall art. Painting a feature wall in a soft green hue can also bring the outdoors inside. Green promotes a sense of balance and harmony, ideal for creating a peaceful retreat from the summer bustle.

    Coral Pink

    Coral pink is a vibrant yet sophisticated colour that embodies the playful spirit of summer. This warm hue adds a touch of energy and warmth to any space. Introduce coral through accent furniture pieces like chairs or ottomans for a bold statement. Alternatively, accessorise with coral-coloured throws, lampshades, or artwork to infuse warmth into your decor. Coral pairs beautifully with neutral tones like grey or beige, allowing it to stand out without overwhelming the space.

    Citrus Orange

    Orange is a lively and invigorating colour that can bring a burst of energy into your home. Citrus orange hues like tangerine or mandarin are particularly refreshing for summer. Use orange as an accent colour in the kitchen or dining area through dinnerware, bar stools, or pendant lights. For a more subtle approach, opt for orange-patterned cushions or a statement piece of artwork. Orange stimulates social interaction and creativity, making it perfect for areas where you entertain guests.

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