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In this time of the pandemic, the construction companies across the globe are trying to find the best way forward. Every day every project hosts new challenges for construction workers in this time of crisis.

Construction companies are looking for ways to operate their businesses and satisfy the clients’ needs, but they also need to keep the health and safety of their workers into account. Additionally, there are unexpected executive orders, recommendations, and inconsistent data along with the risk that originates out of premises of your controlled project environment.

With all these involved, construction companies also have to ensure they have enough equipment available for them during the pandemic’s unpredictability. You don’t want you or your workers to be running around panicking and putting a halt to the project.  

Don’t know the essentials that have to be available at the construction site at all times? We have listed down our picks on the bare necessities needed at every construction site, from heavy equipment to safety gear, we have it all covered. 


Backhoe loader

Every construction project needs this item. The other term for a Backhoe Loader is JCB, Joseph Cyril Bamford, the man behind the invention of a backhoe loader in the 1950s. If you own a construction business, this thingamajig is nothing out of the ordinary for you, but if this is your first venture, then list it down to your top picks. 


You all know what a generator looks like, right? No introductions needed here. A generator would come in handy every time you experience a power shortage, or you need extra power to boost any of your heavy equipment. 

Fuel Tanks

Here is something you don’t want to miss. Construction sites can consume the right amount of fuel, therefore having a fuel tank can be a pretty handy solution and can cut back on downtime. How? It saves the time for you to wait for the fuel to get delivered at your site. A fuel tank can store enough fuel for you to keep your process consistent. If you didn’t need one before, you should consider having one now since the COVID situation can make things unforeseeable and complicated. Some of the companies, like Krugerpower, have pretty good deals for you.

N95 Masks

It is essential to ensure the safety of you and your workers. The N95 masks are approved safety equipment by WHO to protect oneself from the COVID-19 contamination.

Handwashing stations and sanitizers

As per the directions of the WHO, you should abide by the safety regulations mentioned. A handwashing station at the construction site will help you and your workers stay protected from the virus, and at the same time, you can continue the construction without any fear. 

Hand sanitizers can be a quick and handy way to clean your hands. Beware, it does come with a warning. Please keep away from heat as it is highly flammable. 

Protective face shields

A protective face shield is needed when performing dangerous tasks to protect your face from any severe injuries. It is also great to protect yourself from being contaminated by the virus.  

Protective Gloves

The safety rule book of the construction workers includes protective gloves to protect your hands while performing hazardous tasks. Who knew it would be necessary in times like these as well. Gloves are great protectors against the virus as it stops it from transmitting from one person to another. 

Aside from construction work gloves, medical-grade disposable nitrile gloves should also be readily available for workers on-site. Workers will need to wear disposable gloves in case they have to do any cleaning and garbage disposal to protect themselves from illness-causing germs and skin irritation from cleaning solutions.

Traffic Cones

Traffic cones are used for marking off an area of construction, mainly towards the path and roads. It is to drive off the traffic and pedestrians away from the construction site to avoid inconvenience. Since it diverts the traffic, no crowd would be in that area, which also helps with maintaining social distancing. 

Drums and gas cylinder trucks

These trucks help with moving out heavy and large oil/waste drums and gas cylinders. 

Hazard Tape

The quickest and most convenient way to cordon off the construction area or restricted areas is to stop the public from entering. These tapes are best for drawing attention to mark out all the dangerous and hazardous areas.


It would be best if you had something to put all the waste and rubbish in to keep the place clutter-free. Metal dump trucks or skips are the perfect solutions to throw away all the wastage. The advantage of these dump trucks or skips is that it is guarded against the threats of leakages, and has a built-in chassis that makes transportation an affordable task.


Safety should always be the priority for the construction companies. Keep all these essentials ready beforehand to avoid any troubles in the future.