Engaging your family decorating your home

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It’s been a long and tiresome day. You are looking forward to the end so that you can refreshen and relax over a hot cup of coffee and a delicious homemade meal. You can’t seem to understand why your annoying supervisor can’t let you off and call it a day. Maybe he has nothing to look forward to, unlike you, who has a home and family. 

They say home is where you can trust the toilet seat or better still where your heart is, but it’s never warm in the absence of your fantastic family. You want to give your family the best in terms of quality time, and a beautiful place to stay and you can achieve both by setting out together as a family to make this happen.


How to lighten up your home

You want to achieve a cozy space where you and your family can enjoy. Find out what colors you love and set to work with them in redoing your home. Buying cute huge throw pillows with pastel colors that will brighten your space. If you do not have an artistic eye engage the services of an interior designer who will help you achieve your dream home.

Remember, this is a family home where collective views should guide you on achieving the end product; therefore, it’s important to engage your family in making these crucial decisions you can try and come up with activities that your family can contribute with.

You don’t have to break the bank to have a cozy home. Get fresh flowers and put them in beautiful vases, they will automatically bring life and color to your living room.

Avoid hoarding things that you do not need in your house. Less is more. Old paintings and pictures do not need to crowd your living room, improvise a cheaper way of storing them. 


Kids room

Make your kids’ room fun and lively, engage them when the time comes to redecorate their room. Believe you might overlook their purpose in this, but you might be surprised when you find out they too have a sharp eye for style, try and incorporate their preferences. I mean, it’s their room, and they also have a say. By the end of the day, you will not only achieve your goals, but your bond will be tighter. 



Fit your kitchen with beautiful cabinets and make sure it’s spacious. A clean kitchen inspires you to want to try out different menus. Also, invest in up to date kitchen appliances that make cooking enjoyable and comfortable.

An electric range cooker that easily fits in the space between your units should be on your budget their significant overcapacity will cater to your big family or visitors, also it’s inexpensive, faster, and saves energy.

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