End of Tenancy Cleaning FAQs

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End of tenancy cleaning FAQs is a brilliant cleaning service. But we’re sure you have some questions about this cleaning service. How to choose a cleaning company, what’s included in end of tenancy cleans, and whether you can add additional cleaning services to end of tenancy cleans.

We have answers to all these cleaning questions and more below. First, though, when should you book your end of tenancy cleaning session?

When should I book an end of tenancy clean?

A lot of people leave booking their end of tenancy cleaning sessions until the last minute. There are several reasons for this. Some people feel they can do the cleaning themselves, but only realise how hard it is when they try. Others aren’t even aware of the cleaning service, and when they find out about it, it is a few days before they need to hand their keys back.

It is best to book your end of tenancy cleaning session as early as possible. This locks in the cleaning company you want, and you’ll be sure that they can be there when you need them. Many cleaning companies allow you to book end of tenancy cleaning sessions really late in the day. Some even allow you to book the cleaning session the day before.

While this is excellent if a cleaning company has cancelled on you or you weren’t aware of the cleaning service until then, it is always worth booking your end of tenancy cleaning session in advance. Basically, the moment you know your move-out date. That way, you can move your things out, the cleaners can come in and clean the property, and then you can hand over the keys to your landlord. It streamlines the process and ensures that you have as little stress as possible.

What is included in end of tenancy cleans?

Any end of tenancy cleaning session involves a very deep clean of a rented property. The cleaners will clean every area and aspect of your property, including commonly missed areas like inside the kitchen cupboards, behind the toilet and the skirting boards, for example.

An end of tenancy clean ensures that your rented property is clean for the next tenants so that your landlord can get new tenants in straight away. In most cases, it is written into your contract that you must leave the property ready for new tenants, and an end of tenancy clean is the easiest way of ensuring that it is.

Can I add additional cleaning services to end of tenancy cleans?

While most of the cleaning tasks are taken care of for you during an end of tenancy cleaning session, there are some cleaning services that are not included. This is because some people won’t require them. However, you can add these cleaning services to your clean if you do need them.

These cleaning services include carpet shampooing and cleaning (end of tenancy cleaning sessions do typically involve vacuuming, but carpet shampooing can make the carpets look new again). Oven cleaning (this typically isn’t included because tenants may be taking their oven with them). Exterior window cleaning (most cleaning companies will clean the inside of windows but not the outside). If your tenancy agreement states that your windows must be cleaned, you should see if the cleaning company can clean them or if they can recommend a local window cleaner.

If you do need any of these additional cleaning services, make sure you ask for them when you book an appointment. They all require extra equipment, and some require extra cleaners. All of this must be known ahead of time so the cleaning company can plan their work.

Are end of tenancy cleans only available for domestic properties?

No, some cleaning companies do offer end of tenancy cleaning services for commercial properties too. Again, some commercial tenancy agreements do state that you must leave the property in a good enough condition that new tenants can move in straight away. So, ensure you plan an end of tenancy cleaning session with a good-quality commercial cleaning company.

If you already have a commercial cleaning company that you use, ask them whether they offer this service. If they don’t, they may know a commercial cleaning company that does. Remember, book your end of tenancy cleaning session with plenty of notice and ensure you ask for any optional cleaning services you may need.

How to choose a cleaning company?

The best way to choose a cleaning company for your end of tenancy cleaning session is to look at online reviews from past customers. You can tell a lot from these reviews. Also, have a chat with a few local cleaning companies. With end of tenancy cleaning, it is best to choose the highest-rated cleaning company with the best cleaners you can afford. This will make the difference between the cleaners getting it right and you getting your deposit back or your landlord being unhappy with the work and hitting with additional cleaning costs.