Eccentric Kitchen Décor with Murano Glassware

If you are looking to brighten and make your dining table more eccentric, the best way to do so is with your glassware, because they determine whether the table looks plain or is emerged in details and elegance.

Glassware objects are a go-to accessory for some designers, whether as a focal point in a contemporary condo or finishing touches in a historic home. They’re timeless and classic accessories that go with any interior design scheme, whether they are used for decoration or to show your modern taste during a dinner in your home. So, if you’re looking to create an eye-catching and unique design feature, decorative glass is a really effective and attention-grabbing way to do it.

However, when we think of glassware, we relate it to low quality ceramic, or not so fancy kitchen accessories, but that is not the case, especially not when we are talking about Murano Glassware. So, about Murano Glass, it is one of the finest and most popular types of glass nowadays that is solely being created in Italy, which is made out from a mix of sands that then are combined with minerals to get very beautiful and eccentric colors. It is truly an exclusive glass because only masters (or in Italian “Maestri”) that are based in the small island of Murano, located near the popular island of Venice, can create this type of glassware, and besides that, the process of creating this glass is passed from father to son, creating new generations of artisans.

Murano Glassware is limited to stores in Venice or to official websites that sell certified Murano Glass figures, such as Because Murano Glass is one of Italy’s most popular heritage items (after pasta and pizza of course), there is a special Trademark of Origin issued by the region of Veneto, which you should be looking for when buying a Murano Glass piece. This trademark protects the consumers from buying a counterfeit and identifies a real Murano Glassware, created by a true artisan.


If you head over to the previously mentioned website, you can see that the Murano Glassware is separated in three different categories, and those are: Drinking Glasses, Glass Tumblers and Glass Carafes. All of these types of products are meant to beautify your kitchen and dining table, to show your chic design taste, and to make sure you receive all the complements on dinners with friends that you host in your home.

Starting with the Drinking Glasses, they are the best way to add color to your dining table and to show off your elegance during special occasions, creating a magical atmosphere each time guests are coming to dine or have a drink at your place. The drinking glasses can complement any design style since you can find dozens of different kinds that are created by the different Murano glass techniques, resulting in different shapes, designs, and colors. Usually, like buying any drinking glasses, the Murano drinking glasses come in sets.

Aside from drinking glasses, there are the Glass Tumblers, which the main difference is that the term tumbler is used to refer to a glass for certain types of alcohol like whiskey or it can refer to any drinking glass that has no handles and no stem. Originally, it referred to a special type of glass with a convex base, these glasses were designed so that you could not rest the glass on a table (it would spill if you did). This would ensure people would finish their drink completely and it also made people drink more quickly, but of course today they are made with normal base, to deter from any mess. They are actually a popular piece within the Murano Glass family, they come in hundreds of different designs and moods. You can choose any Murano Glass tumbler set based on your design style, you can choose something colorful, like the’s Bacan set, that will spread light, color and tradition to any setting, they are truly breathtaking thanks to their apparent simplicity and vibrant colors. Or, you can choose their Desio set, that are suitable for more minimalistic décor design, featured with more plain colors, each signed by the master glassmaker and each with its own unique decoration: the steady base of gold leaf combined with colored filaments.

The last type of the Murano Glassware are the decorative carafes, they can be found from a classic shaped carafe to more creative shaped ones, all with unique designs and colors, and all hand-blown by artisans, making them a true Murano glass art. By bringing into your house a Murano Glass Carafe you are enriching your kitchen with a heritage of Venice, with an Italian lifestyle point of view, combining beauty and simplicity.

Besides the Glassware, there are many more Murano glass creation that will put an elegant spark in your home, which you can find them online at