Duplex Apartment With Overall Earthy Tone Colour Scheme And Panoramic View | Space Dynamix

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Duplex Apartment With Overall Earthy Tone Colour Scheme And Panoramic View | Space Dynamix

The Duplex apartment is laid out with the public and private areas separated at the lower level and upper levels. The lower level houses the living area, guest room, dining, and kitchen areas while the bedrooms, home theatre, and study are at the upper level. The square-shaped living area has a central island seating arrangement that is further accentuated by a veneered ceiling by a continuous square LED profile light that envelopes the seating.

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The large seating arrangement is interestingly composed in a combination of plush comfortable sofas, high back feature chairs as well as a crafted wooden bench. The open backbench is arranged against the panoramic window leading out to a wrap-around deck looking out into the view so as to offer additional seating yet minimally obstruct the view out. The earth tones in the overall colour scheme are offset by a striking wine coloured carpet centerpiece.

The large backdrop has a stunning illusion wallpaper that adds a sense of splendor to the ambience. The guest room is planned on a multipurpose space with a sofa-cum-bed and collapsible partition that when opened out becomes contiguous with the adjacent bar area to act as a lounge during gatherings.

Beyond this are the dining and kitchen areas. A sculptural staircase is designed to access the upper level in suspended metal strips that support marble treads which are accentuated by slim LED profile lights embedded into the thickness.

As one steps onto the upper level, the relatively narrow corridor is visually expanded by means of floor-to-ceiling mirror paneling on one side. This paneling has and interesting lighting detail of irregular LED profile lights arranged in a playful pattern reminiscent of the iconic Snake game that also climbs onto the ceiling.

The master bedroom is an island four-poster facing out into the view draped with sheer curtains that add a dreamy feel to space which is heightened by a silk wallpaper on the wall that references infinite rolling hills in the design.

The twing basing is accessed through a glass partition with shower & WC cubicles on either side. The basins are flanked by elegant yet dramatic curved wall-mounted faucets.

The son’s bedroom is designed in an entirely different theme that is young and peppy. The playful ceiling design mimics a filament bulb that acts as a lighting feature for the study table adjacent to the bed. The colorful graphic wallpapered wall adds to the vibrant buzz

The toilet follows through in the same theme with the sky-print stretch ceiling adding a touch of drama. This dramatic feel is further enhanced by an interesting layout that makes stacked horizontal planes by means of a cantilevered basin projecting from the bathtub ledge which also has the WC inset into it.


Name of the Firm: Space Dynamix

Name of the Project: Apartment YP

Project Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Carpet Area (In sq. meter): 252 sq.m.

Project Type: Duplex Apartment

Principal Architects: Ashutosh Wad & Manjunath Hathwar

Photography Credits: Subhash Patil


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