Don’t Buy A Home Before Getting A Building & Pest Inspection

Benefits of Conducting a Building and Pest Inspection

Conducting a building inspection before purchase is a crucial exercise. Remember, a home is a long-term investment. You have no room for errors. Every step is critical to ensure you are getting the best home for your family. Inspection gives you an opportunity to know more about your home to be.

Besides architectural inspection, you shouldn’t forget other aspects of the building. Pest inspection is one of the crucial parameters to look at. It gives or lose suppose you ignore pest inspection? It gives you a clue of what to expect in your new home. Or, might serve as an eye opener and call off the deal. To better understand this concept, let’s delve in to the benefits. What do you gain or lose suppose you ignore pest inspection?

1. Helps to know the problems beforehand


Conducting a building and pest inspection helps you to know of a potential pest problem. That gives you a chance to plan early on how to handle the pests before moving in. From the inspection, you can also tell what are the existing pests and potential limitations.

Local pest inspection company can also help you draw an approximate budget for eradicating the pests. With that, you can make a decision on how the process of acquisition and cleaning.

2. You will avoid future regrets

Can you imagine the frustrations of buying a home worth thousands of dollars only to realize of pest infestation later? Conducting a thorough building and pest inspection can reveal such problem early enough. Then you can decide whether to purchase and how to get rid of the pests. With that, you won’t have regrets that come with such surprises.  Otherwise, you may have to incur extra cost clearing the mess. Expenses that you would have avoided.

3. Gives you an upper hand in negotiation

Conducting pest inspection before buying gives you bargaining power. It actually helps you in assessing the actual value of the building you are about to buy. After inspection, the inspector hands you a report about the building. So, you will be able to judge the status of the house versus the price tag.

If there are pests, you can negotiate for the reduction of the final price. Then use that money to eradicate the pest.  Or else, you can request the owner to complete residential pest control and give you a pest-free house. So, conducting pest control inspection increases the bargaining power.

4. Helps in uncovering hidden issues

A building may have underlying issues invisible during the first inspection. So, conducting a pest and pre-purchase building inspection will basically reveal such problems.

The pre-inspection will also identify the issues in the material used in the house. Also, it will highlight the potential pest problems that may occur in the future. In most cases, the buying price is normally determined by the inspection report.

5. Evaluation of sundry structures

Structures like sheds and patios also need examination. Local council regulators always dictate where to build the structures.

So, if you are buying a building that is not according to the regulations, you will have to tear it down. This may not be good for you if their position was the reason why you bought the building.

6. Identification of unsafe area

An inspection will show any area of the building that may be unsafe for you and the family. For example, it can reveal the presence of asbestos materials which are highly poisonous. Especially, when buying an old building, you should pay close attention to this.  Also, the building may have wall cracks among other factors that may endanger your life.

So, with such information captured during inspection, you can make an informed decision. To buy the home or not. You can as well agree with the seller to correct the grey areas before you can make your offer.


If you are planning to buy a home, conduct a thorough inspection first. It is always important to get a building worthy your money. Also, it is good to have the know-how of the place before you buy the house. This will help you prepare in case of pest infestation or any other hazardous event.