• DIY Washing Machine Repair Tips for Homeowners

    One of the handiest appliances in an average household is a washing machine. All it needs is some detergent, water, and electricity, and it is good to go. For a machine that works tirelessly till it gets off all the stains on your clothes, it is not surprising that it will breakdown occasionally or have reduced efficiency. In such an unpleasant situation, you must not worry and before calling an expensive appliance technician, you should try and follow some DIY tips to repair washing machine.

    All you need are a few simple tools and some basic appliance repair skills. However, safety should be your first priority. Therefore, no matter how minor the problem, always unplug your appliances before working on them. Similarly, if the appliance is heavy, as in this case, ensure that you either do not tilt it at all or have someone with you for help to avert a mishap. Moreover, check your washing machine’s manual to make sure that whatever you are doing is relevant to its machinery. 

    Some of the most common washing machine problems and their solutions include: 

    Faulty Start 

    Most washing machines have this problem; the washer does not start even after you have firmly closed the lid, pressed the ‘ON’ button, and turned the dial. It may not be working due to one of the following reasons: 

    • The washing machine’s power cord is faulty or not plugged properly. This frequently occurs due to the machine’s vigorous movements when loaded with clothes. While it spins, the clothing load may unbalance the washer causing it to unplug the electrical power cord inadvertently. Preferably, do not tie or shorten your power cord; ensure that it is flexible and reasonably long. 
    • A flipped off circuit breaker can also prevent the washing machine from starting up. If such is the situation, simply reset the circuit breaker. To do this, look for the electrical service panel. Next, find the correct circuit breaker and first flip it “OFF” and then turn it “ON” again. 
    • Oftentimes, the washer’s front lid switch strike is problematic. Normally, the washing machine’s lid switch strike has a door frame that indicates when the washer’s door is closed correctly, and the machine is ready for being filled with water. To check if faulty, close the lid and observe if the door frame connects with the relevant machine part. Ideally, the top part should be in contact with the bottom part when closed. 

    Insufficient Cleaning 

    This may be one of the most frustrating problems, as you are most likely to realize this after a complete washing cycle. You can fix this by trying one of these tips: 

    • Avoid overloading your washer. An overfilled washing machine will not have enough space for the detergent and clean water to mix adequately and remove stains. One must consider checking the washing machine’s user manual to know the exact loading limit for a washing machine. 
    • Refrain from adding too much detergent. As surprising as it may sound, surplus detergent can sometimes redeposit debris and lint back onto the clothing, rather than pulling them out. 
    • To prevent the deposition of fur, dirt, and other unnecessary debris, wash your carpets, fur-clothing, and other pet-related items such as dog and cat beds, blankets, and chew toys separately from other clothing. If needed, clean the washer tub manually after washing such items. 

    Problematic Spinning 

    Drying clothes is as important as washing them. Therefore, when the washer’s spinning becomes an issue, your clothes may dry inadequately or not at all. You should try one of the following to solve this problem: 

    • Ensure that you equally distribute the load when washing. An imbalanced washing machine can stop spinning until it’s load is redistributed correctly. Once you think you have placed all clothes in balance, especially high-absorbent items such as towels and sweaters, it should start spinning automatically. 
    • A safety feature can also sometimes cause problems; an out-of-level washing machine will stop spinning if it is not at the same level entirely on the floor. To rectify this issue, check the washer’s level with a bubble level and balance it by adjusting its legs. Alternatively, you can put a level platform underneath the washing machine. 
    • Ample drainage is essential for a washer to spin. However, small items may narrow or completely block the washing machine’s drainage system. You should check the loader’s drain pump and get rid of any such things that are blocking the smooth functioning washing machine while spinning clothes. Likewise, inspect the washing machine’s drainage hose, which is usually present at the back. You should consider removing any items that may be clogging your machine’s drainage system. 

    By following these tips, one can solve minor washing machine problems without the need for any professional help. The DIY washing machine repair tips can help you save a lot of time and effort, especially when there is no major problem with your washing machine. 

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