Discover New Options for Your Home Renovation Project

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Homeowners often delve into renovation projects to achieve different goals such as adding extra space, bringing more comfort, and adding more beauty to their homes. Taking this step can also go a long way to help you boost your property value.

Proper planning will make the entire process less overwhelming, and it’s the key to completing your project on time. It’s imperative to do your due diligence and set a budget too.

Here are some new options you should consider for your home renovation project.  

1.    Lighting fixtures

The paint colour you use for your interiors will affect your lighting. You need to choose colors that will make your space appear brighter and comfortable. Colors such as white and lighter shades of grey can reflect light perfectly and eliminate dark corners.

Mirrors can make a tiny space appear bigger. Investing in energy-saving light fixtures won’t only help you to achieve the perfect ambiance, but will reduce energy usage too.

2.    Window treatments

If you’ve been using your window treatments for some years, then it’s high time to swap them for new ones. Windows blinds, shades, and fabrics give homes a refreshing look. More so, they can improve insulation, thereby lowering energy usage.

The latest window treatment comes with a great level of flexibility and safety.

3.    Walls

There are several ways you can transform your walls from drab to interesting. For instance, you can create a feature or accent wall. Other options include designing a gallery wall or installing wallpapers to create a focal point.

Some homeowners install display shelves for their collectibles as it’s a space-saving solution.

4.    Front door

Your front door design can help you create a bold statement. Remember that it’s one of the things that your visitors will notice once they arrive at your home.

In case it’s still in perfect shape, try adding a fresh coat of paint instead of a total replacement. Opt for a vibrant color that will improve your curb appeal.

5.    Bathroom

Your bathroom needs a renovation too, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Taking simple steps such as steps such as fixing the shower pressure, painting the walls, and installing new toilet fixtures can go a long way.

6.    Kitchen

Before you start wondering why you don’t have enough storage solutions in your kitchen, try decluttering first. Most times, the issue may be that you’re not maximizing the storage you have.

You can design a kitchen cabinet from recycled materials around your home and adorn your kitchen with new countertops. The next step is to revamp old cabinets with wallpaper or paint.

7.    Floors

Your home renovation project is incomplete without updating your floor. There are tons of inexpensive flooring ideas, and you can even install some yourself. Another thing is that most of them are made from eco-friendly materials, which will help improve indoor air quality.

The good thing is that it’s easy to find a functional option within your budget. Many homeowners are now embracing LVT flooring because it comes with water and scratch-resistant properties. This type of flooring can also last up to 25 years once you maintain it properly.