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    For a wealthy and diverse collection of interior designs, Europe is the best place to get ideas from. Some interior styles of Europe are modern and custom but some are traditional, which date back a few centuries. They have a wide range of interior designing ideas and styles. The versatility in their interior ornamentation styles comes because of their inhabitants, demographics, wealth, and resources. 

    Modern European interiors and their styles are very much admired in UAE and influence the trends of interior designing in UAE as well. The roots of European designing techniques are founded in the Bauhaus school of design in Germany in 1919. The way in which they design the interiors and their skills influenced the interior designing trends of Asian countries as well. 

    European Decors Contain a Blend Of Influences

    Tuscan Style

    The Tuscan design is a countryside design that is based in Italy. It is influenced by the countries like France and Spain that are present on the coastal line of the Mediterranean. In the Tuscan farmhouse interiors, you can also see traces of old Etruscan culture. 

    Victorian Style

    You can track the Victorian interior decor designs back to Egland in the Nineteenth Century. Tidiness and ornamentation are the true representatives of Victorian styles of interior decoration. In this designing technique, the objects fill the surfaces and it mirrors the taste and interests of the owner. When it comes to the European interiors, this Victorian style is one of the darkest styles. The small rooms are darkly painted in this theme.

    If you make your home in Victorian style, then there must be some small entertainment places in the front of the home. The living rooms are furnished with small-sized furniture. The chairs and furnishings were majorly small in scale and are made from carved wood. 

    Baroque Style

    In this type of European decoration, you get an over ornamented place that is defined by a luxurious appearance. The first thing that will come into your mind is Europe in Seventeenth-century when you think about Borque interior styling. This style was majorly followed by the churches and the palaces in the mid-eighteenth century.

    Luxurious and bright colors come into our minds when we think about this mighty and appealing Borque interior designing technique. We can conclude that this Borque style is rich in texture, and luxurious variety that ranges from dark green or red to golden that is used to decorate the art frames in the homes.

    Mediterranean Style

    The very first thing that you will notice while visiting the Mediterranean countries like Spain, Greece, or Italy is the Mediterranean style of their interior decorations. This style includes lots of coastal design elements, such as open spaces and outdoor patios as well.

    This style influences a range of interior trends and you can find these stylish sites around the world. We built these sites using thin stucco or plaster walls, the ceilings are wooden. The floors are adorned with marble or tiles and they paint them with golden yellow, olive green, rich red, and cobalt blue. 

    Art Deco Design

    1908 was the beginning of the art deco design in Paris. But slowly, this interior styling techniques spread all around Europe and the entire world in 1935. This style of interior designing made its way to America and now can be found in places like Miami.

    French Provincial Interior Designs

    This interior design style is a mixture of rustic elements and has some similarities with the Borque style as well. This design is mostly influenced by the homes present in southern France. 

    Dark wood, stones, or floor tiles are used to build up French-style houses. For the finishing touch, walls are embellished with textured plaster. The French farmhouses have gained a classic appeal with exposed wood ceilings and wall beams. On the other hand, the furnishing is more refined. The upholstery seats with frames are made up of carved wood and the curtains made from toile and floral fabrics are used.

    Italian Design

    This style is perfect as a whole and there is simply nothing wrong with choosing this elegant style. It is modern and luxurious as well. When thinking about this European-style interior design, Scarpa, Sottsass, or even Armani comes into your mind.

    In the world of leading designers, Italy has never failed to set standards with its modern and mesmerizing decorating trends. Italy always has complete influence when it comes to the modern and luxurious home decor styles that are latest as well.


    An old word Accents defines this style. Your Accents design will get completed by using a variety of pottery, terracotta, wrought iron, an aching finish, and damask draperies. 

    This style overwhelms your room with knick-knacks and accent pieces of decorations that fill your room with joy and make your interiors refreshing and completely relaxed. The old world of fabrics and textures in the Accents style includes:

    • Aubusson rugs
    • Fine brocades
    • Damasks draperies with a large scroll or floral patterns.
    • Fringe, tassels, and beaded trim curtains.
    • Leather upholstery. 
    • Radiant silks.
    • Cotton with small prints.
    • Stripes.
    • Tapestry patterns.
    • Velvet fabrics.

    Furniture Associated With European Style

    In the world of furniture design, you should consider avoiding the built-in shelves and In the world of furniture design, you should consider avoiding the built-in shelves and pantries. Besides these pantries, you should go for the freestanding cabinets or latest curtains Dubai . The interiors of the farmhouses in Europe have wooden shelving that consists of a wide variety of ceramics or pottery exhibited on open shelves. For a laid-back look, think about the European barns.

    A very fascinating and remarkable design element is the kitchen island. It has a butcher block or marble top on it that serves you as a workplace and you can also hold your gatherings over there. Because of its versatility and flexible nature, a kitchen island is often featured at the top home designs blogs.

    Wood frame couches and chairs are must elements accompanied by dark-colored and heavily textured cushions, if you are influenced by European interior styling. In Europe, they believe that rooms should be appealing and formal but also have an extra cozy and living appearance. 

    Additional Elements That European Decor Has

    Some of the additional elements that you might see in the European decorative styles are:

    Animal Prints

    If you want to get that Old World feels of an antique European interior, then using animal prints and fabric that feature maps can be much beneficial and functional as well.

    Leather Or fabric-covered Books

    For an added substance and royal look, books are a must that is covered with leather or fabrics. These are the decorative elements of a traditional and primitive European house.

    The Interiors Designs In UAE That Are Influenced By Europe

    In the upper portion, we have discussed the European interior designs and styles. Now here is a glimpse of such interior design ideas that are influenced by the European styles but are observed in the United Arab Emirates.

    1. Contemporary Interior Style

    A contemporary styled home may be perfect for you if you love a modern, stylish, and insanely futuristic interior design theme. Sleek furniture, straight lines, modern materials such as metal and marble, and a nice, neutral color combination are the key features of a contemporary interior design in Dubai.

    The contemporary style may vary from company to company, so it is very necessary to clearly communicate with your interior designing company in Dubai and guide the theme just according to your vision and thoughts. Doing so will make sure that about the modern elements that you want in your home.

    2. Rustic Style

    The rustic design in Dubai might be right up your perfect alley if you love nature and nostalgia. These details are that it generally consists of warm earth tones and colors; the furniture is made from exposed wood or natural wood. Natural house plants are added to elevate the overall aesthetics and make the look cozier.

    Rustic interior designing styles are presumed as modish and trendy nowadays. For the making of modern interior styling with nostalgic, relaxing, and homey elements, this theme or decorating idea is the best combination of traditional and modern designs.

    3. Traditional Style

    For such people who consider themselves to be more traditionalist, there are plenty of ways to recreate a modern interior style in the UAE while staying true to the traditional and mesmerizing aesthetics. In the traditional interior design, you will come across old classic furniture style, a few warm tones, and color schemes. The center around the living room is creating an insanely polite and relaxing living area in the old classical interior styling ideas.

    Always remember that traditional ever means that it is an “old school” or “boring” decorating idea. But the fact is that traditional interiors are one of the most popular interior designs in the modern world nowadays. Your designing company or in-person designer can help you perfectly in executing this styling theme with no hassle and without seeming cluttered.

    3. Cultural Interior Designing Style

    This is the perfect interior designing idea for you if you love some specific era, time period, or certain culture. The cultural type interior designs may be influenced by any specific origin like Italy, French, Japanese, or Arabic as well. Moreover, you can also go for the styles of a certain era for your interiors designing, such as the Victorian style that will exhibit the colors and blends of many cultures in a single frame.

    In Dubai and the UAE, cultural themes are very famous and well-known interior styling designs that come under the category of luxury interior designs. If you want to feel like fantasy, then you can opt for Opulent Moroccan or Parisian-style home themes. To execute these themes reliably and fabulously, you should always work with the best interior designing company.

    4. Fusion Interior Design

    Fusion interior designs are also known as an electric style for interior designing. These themes offer a fusion of styles, periods, materials, and moods. It doesn’t follow the regular designs, as it is an individual creation that caters to the minds of the homeowners. Designers are struggling on experimenting with these types of interior in the UAE and craters pieces of electric interior design together to form an inviting interior.

    5. Urban Interior Style Design

    This style of interior design comes with the elements of industrial interior designs and other ideas that include elements from many other different countries. The brick walls are exposed, large beams of metal or wood are present, the floors have a wooden finish or you can also give them a touch of carpets, etc.

    These are some major and key elements of urban interior style. Color schemes are not so much blending. You can visibly see the mixture of industrials, modern and rustic interior style elements. This urban decor has a smooth and more mind-soothing look as compared to industrial designing. 

    6. Minimalist Interior Decors

    For a period of many years, you can clearly see the increasing love towards the minimalist interiors. The approach to this interior design is sharp and perfectly sheer. It does not have unnecessary and over detailing or accessories.

    It just focuses on essential and minimum elements that are functional as well. When going for this type of interior decor, you take great care of the minimalism that you are going to implement in your interiors because too much minimalism can sometimes look sterile and odd as well.

    7. Industrial Interior Design

    The raw, edgy style in which the interior structure is proudly laid bare is the industrial interior styling technique. The features of this style are exposed beams, ducts of Air Conditioner, concrete-type floors, and metal exposed walls, etc. this style is very much vibrant, lustrous, and bold.

    In the industrial style of interior designing, there is always a lot of space left behind because of minimum accessories and products. It can be seen that the raw products are just juxtaposed with refined, sleek, and modish materials with vintage, traditional and primitive ideas as well

    8. Futuristic Style Interior Decors

    This style of interior designing is sleek and equipped with modern tech in the form of finishes and detailing. We will feel varying degrees of sci-fi elements in the lightning, structural elevating decorative elements, and other decors.

    It is totally based on the futuristic extent that you will require. You will have a lot of glass, indirect blue lighting, radical form, high gloss finishes with paint, and other experimental details in this type of interior design as well. 


    European Style Classic Home With Neutral Decor Elements

    In such a stylish and relaxing interior, whenever you will enter, your eyes will become wider and you will not stop yourself admiring it. With such neutral European Style decors that are neutral, the entire scenario would definitely put a spell on the minds of the viewers. From the sleek luggage chairs to the French-styled doors and the tranquil dining space, everything is simply wow. 

    Neutral Elements

    The entire story here is neutral, perfectly quiet, calm, and casual with elegant undefined beauty. Just according to the customers’ own requirements, enriched with sisal, wood, pieces of cotton, linen fabric drapes, and fur that provides a texture to the interior and load the room with layers and beauty.


    A perfect and sophisticated island dining and chopping workspace are the true representatives of a European-styled kitchen setting. International metals that are added to the wooden cabinets. The plumbing techniques and lighting adding to the beauty of the whole theme. The repeating arches in the entire house design provide a unique softness in the interior and a curious place to peek through.

    Dining Rooms

    A perfect place to get together and such an inviting place where you can celebrate every event with your family and friends in a subtle manner. 

    Stair Case

    The treads are made from White Oak, while the entire staircase is featured with the iron railing that gives the interior a more mesmerizing look.

    Master Bedroom

    Tranquility comes through the natural light that is coming from the outside. White shades with a subtle texture are present. The entire space is covered with the shiplap cove ceiling and the large windows are looking exceptional.

    Master Bathroom

    Have an enormous bathtub and amazing vanities. It has plenty of space and a number of windows for perfect lighting.


    Notice the backsplash details of the tiles and it is an easy and stylish approach to the lower level of your house. 


    The outdoor space is liked by everyone in the house. It is a perfect sitting area after tiring works. In European style, outdoor backyards are styled in such a way that furniture is placed between the custom fireplace. The windows are of French style. The whole scenario is private, beautiful, and quaint.

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