Crowdfunded Real Estate Opportunities: Is Taking Advantage of This Investment Form Worth the Hassle?

The real estate market in the US features numerous investment opportunities for newbie and seasoned investors. 

Whether you’d like to go into vacation rentals or the idea of single and multi-family homes seems to interest you, this industry has got you covered. As long as you’re investing in one real estate form or the other, your chances of making the intended dividends are high.

When you hear of crowdfunding, it’s typical to cast your mind back to individuals who set up GoFundMe profiles to seek help. That said, if you have a similar line of thought for real estate crowdfunding, you’re off to a solid start although we will extensively explain the concept later. 

Suppose you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio by seeking out crowdfunded real estate opportunities and you don’t know-how, this guide is tailored for you. 

Below, we’ll be taking a closer look at real estate crowdfunding and whether you should consider this investment form to diversify your portfolio.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Defined

Although crowdfunded real estate opportunities might bear some semblance to the real world GoFundMe variation where people seek help from others, crowdfunding in real estate is a tad bit different. While we’ll be explaining this term extensively, It’s essential to have an idea first.

So, let’s say that you find a property you’d like to invest in and unfortunately, you can’t come up with the funds needed to purchase that property. Pretty frustrating, right? With real estate crowdfunding, rather than doing this alone, you can seek help from other investors. Together, you all pool in resources to facilitate a buy and voila, you now have a stake in that property. 

While this might seem easy on the eyes, we’ve just given you a surface definition of what crowdfunding in real estate entails. Real estate crowdfunding is slightly similar to other crowdfunding variations. Here, individuals come together to pool resources that’ll enable them to purchase a real estate property. This scenario is becoming a constant these days as down payments on real estate structures are enormous. 

With the ease attached, it’s not a surprise to see investors looking for crowdfunded real estate opportunities as they’re one way of diversifying their investment portfolio. 

These days, real estate crowdfunding is becoming more and more sophisticated as all the average investor needs to do is check for the top crowdfunding platforms in real estate to kick-start this investment.

When they do, they can kick-start real estate investments with a decent financial commitment (usually between $20,000 and higher). Afterward, these investors become shareholders, eligible to receive the dividends associated with that property.

Real Estate Crowdfunding: Any Changes Since It Became a Viable Investment Form?

While this investment form might look easy on the eyes, it wasn’t at its early stages. During this time, crowdfunding platforms couldn’t seek investors publicly as they had to rely on personal connections. However, 2012 marked a change in this investment form.

How? On April 5, 2012, President Barack Obama passed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act into law. Due to its passage, small businesses could now participate in real estate crowdfunding activities with ease. 

Additionally, the JOBS act also saw the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) remove the embargo they’d placed on non-accredited investors. While non-accredited investors are still limited to several functions in the crowdfunding scene, they can now make real estate transactions without reservations.

With the JOBS act implemented, there has been a steady influx of multiple crowdfunding platforms. Now, almost any real estate investor can make real estate crowdfunding returns due to its relative convenience.

Real Estate Crowdfunding: Are There Any Pros Attached to Investments?

With real estate crowdfunding, there are several advantages attached. Let’s go through some notable mentions:

  • Diversity

Most real estate investors crave diversity to improve their income. That said, crowdfunding offers just that as you can key into a real estate investment without paying the high charges that come with purchasing a property on your own. 

While you might still get your dividends taxed, they’re usually decent, and if you can get ROI transfers into a tax-advantaged account, it’s possible to go about crowdfunding, TAX-FREE.

  • No Landlord Worries

If you’ve invested in a traditional property, you’ll know the hassles that come with being a landlord. Here, you’re at the center of everything – maintenance, repairs, taxes, etcetera. 

However, when you enter into a crowdfunding scheme, you don’t have to worry about bad tenants and nagging expenses time and time again.

  • Ease of Investments 

Investing in crowdfunded real estate opportunities isn’t a hassle anymore since the JOBS act came into play in 2012. Thus, we’ve seen numerous crowdfunding platforms rise to the occasion with intuitive sites and apps to make the investment process more accessible. 

For context, sites like Holdfolio feature easy-to-use platforms. Even if you’re a newbie to the process, there’s a FAQ section available for you to get things into perspective. Now, there’s practically no excuse as to why you should engage in this investment variation.

  • Great Variety

On real estate crowdfunding platforms, prospective investors have access to a wide variety of deals. With the crowdfunded real estate opportunities on show, investors can easily do a risk assessment and go with the alternative that tallies their finances.

Are you interested in vacation or rental properties? Well, there’s no need to fret as you should find a deal that suits your investment endeavor on significant crowdfunding platforms.

Major Takeaway

Crowdfunding in real estate has become an investment form favored by numerous investors. The reason for this isn’t far-fetched as this medium makes it possible for investors who couldn’t purchase properties due to the stringent financial requirements attached, do so with other investors pooling in resources.

When you key into the right crowdfunding opportunities, you can make a positive ROI as an investor. To ensure that you’re on the right track, perform in-depth research on an opportunity before investing. 

That said, while the “best real estate crowdfunding 2021 site” debate rages on, you might want to look towards Holdfolio for your crowdfunding endeavors. With testimonials from past clients and a trustworthy reputation, you’re on a path to making those dividends you’ve always wanted.

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