• Creating the Perfect Inspirational Garden: Tips and Tricks

    Gardens serve many wonderful purposes, from beautifying an area, to providing food and seasoning to purifying the air. There’s just something about gardens that makes us feel good. Perhaps it’s the naturalness of them, maybe it’s being out in nature and fresh air, or maybe it’s the subtle architectural elements that people incorporate into them. Gardens can inspire us and make us feel good, but they don’t always. Different garden designs make us feel different things; for example, indoor gardens feel very different than outdoor ones do. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the steps for creating a garden that will please and inspire through the use of design and architecture.

    What Do You Like?

    If you’re creating a garden that inspires you, you should first try to isolate what other types of things help you to feel inspired. Do straight, modern lines please your eye most? Maybe rustic charm makes you feel most at peace? Do just a few color tones calm you, or all colors of the rainbow? These are all things you should take account when creating an inspirational garden. If you plan to design the garden around some kind of structure, make sure to isolate key themes, like eco-friendliness or plants that go along with a certain design theme. If you’re building an Asian-themed garden around a pagoda, for example, you’ll most likely want to fill your garden with native Asian plants.

    Think Outside the Box

    When most of us hear the word “garden,” we think of an area full of plants and flowers. However, these are not the only types of gardens that are available. Rock gardens, or Zen gardens, are Asian-style spaces that accentuate sparseness rather than greenness, and they tend to be much more architectural in nature. However, these gardens can be as inspiring as any plant-filled one, too. Just be aware that if you don’t fancy the upkeep and effort of a traditional garden, there may be something creative and different out there for you! For example, you can fit your garden around the structure of your home, using the bordering gutters and shutters of your home as easy hangers for your plants.

    Current Trends

    When creating your inspirational garden, you should keep current trends in mind, too, as long as the trends align with your vision for your garden. Keeping your yard trendy and attractive builds equity and will help you sell the house if or when you decide to move. Additionally, people will be more likely to compliment your style! However, you shouldn’t be afraid to defy current trends, too, because that’s often how new trends are started.

    Knowing these tricks and simple tips for forging your own inspirational garden, you can now get started on designing and planting the space of your dreams.


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