Convenient Living: How Technology Makes Daily Life Easier

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Technology is growing at a rapid pace. Looking back in time–even just 50 years ago, there were no cordless phones, let alone iPhones. Television was off the air (on the few channels you had) before midnight and an alarm system was a large dog.  Listed below are a few ways that current technology makes your life easier.

The Smart Home

The Smart Home is growing in popularity, and for good reason. Many younger families have an extremely active lifestyle and every minute wasted can cause a setback in their day-to-day operations. A smart home caters to your every need. Just by commands, either verbally or through an app on your iPhone, you can control just about everything in your home. It does away with questions like “Did I turn off the Curling Iron?” or “did I close the garage door?” With a simple click, you can take care of everything.

Business Automation


Companies also benefit from advancements in technology. For one, using automation and high-quality machinery lets you keep costs down in many ways. First, while a machine will need maintenance, it runs at a specific continuous rate all day long. It doesn’t take breaks or have sick time and you have a guarantee that the final products all turning out the same. Using automation also lets you utilize your staff of employees to your discretion, taking them away from menial jobs to areas that can best improve your bottom line. For companies that have remote locations in California, such as an avocado farmer, for example, or someone who works at a waste-water treatment facility, a California SCADA Automation Company can help to monitor these locations from afar, taking away the need of an actual visit or staff at the facility.


How many times are you pressed for time and need just one item to complete dinner? Well thanks to self-checkout at most supermarkets, you can run in grab the item you need, go to the self-checkout and avoid the long lines.

The Internet

Who would have imagined the dependency that people now have for the internet? It started out slow with a few simple commands and then exploded into a system that no one can do without. Want to check the weather for tomorrow, find a gas station nearby, and check for delays at the airport or on the road? The internet can provide the answer to all of those questions. From shopping to dating, everything is available through the use of the internet. And, for businesses, it allows them to take credit card payments, advertise their business, and shop for the best rates on supplies and services.


Once upon a time, people used a rotary dial and a corded phone. Today, a large percentage of the population doesn’t leave home without their phone in hand. They use it to stay connected to work, for social media, for text messages, to shop, to play games and yes, to make actually make phone calls. These phones are fantastic for parents who want to monitor their children while they are away from home and for emergencies.

Improved Healthcare

When you think of healthcare, you may just think of health insurance, which still needs some work. However, improved healthcare comes from many sources. Today, thanks to apps, you can monitor your heart rate, blood sugar levels, check your steps, your body mass, calories burned and complete workouts. You can also reach a doctor remotely at any time of the day without the need for leaving your home.

From the smart home with the operational electric linear actuator for the television to the plant that controls operations from afar, the world as you know it is changing.


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