Contemporary Style House With The Vernacular Vocabulary | Manoj Singhal & Associates

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Contemporary Style House With The Vernacular Vocabulary | Manoj Singhal & Associates

A downright serene vista to hit the right chords with its maneuver landscaping and a ravishing built form! The project was rightly coined ‘The Hillcrest’ by its Kolkata based design firm- Manoj Singhal & Associates. It is a private abode for the Agarwal family stationed amidst a plush green township with a view of the Kanchenjunga. This project follows the basic Vaastu principles across its spread of 10,000 sq. ft.; fusing in a contemporary style with the vernacular architectural vocabulary using a thatched roof.

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This pleasant realm makes its first appeal with a paved pathway leading to a semi-open porch creating a vista through the landscaping. With an affirmative built form for the family of four, the bungalow further oodles of its vernacular through a brick cladding façade. The conceptualization began with a central idea of achieving luxurious spaces weaving in the vibrant colors to create a cheerful environment giving a break from the monotonous busy lifestyle.

A warmly lit robust corridor leads one to the core space of the house. It expands into a double-height living space with its bewitching spatial quality making a statement of its own. An unhindered view of the folded plate stair flight works in articulating and weaving the stair cabin with the other spaces; while at the same time, carving a niche of its own.

Plush seating in blue and ochre dominates the living space to further get lined by a double-height raw silk curtain acting as a backdrop. The space talks of its simplicity and sophistication at the same time. An enigmatic chandelier is brought in to ornament the plain minimal ceiling. The stair flight uphill curates a unique experience with its robust surfaces done using polished natural marble. Though an open space, it generates an enclosed introvert experience uphill. Furthermore, the arresting landscaping underneath is a real beauty heartfully designed to destine an ornate look.

The dining windows own the outdoors with its huge openings and satin silk blinds. Again, it follows a vibrant color palette to soothingly contrast the furnishings with the subtle polished marble floor. Colors here, range from a striking shade of blue, ochre, red, green, and thus create a unique present-day fusion with a minimalistic approach.

The house is adorned with imperative facilities facilitating an opulent lifestyle. A spa chamber with calming and ravishing vibes finds a niche in this abode. Traditionally patterned floor tiles generate a varied expression- which tends to continue in the shower area as well. The home office is a rich experience with a bold leather table and chairs. The rear wall further outlives the space with its leather finish and a deep veneer.

The house planning is such that the indoors is well connected to the exteriors through open and semi-open spaces. A semi-open seating with a sloping wooden ceiling on the upper floor aids in bringing nature in while lying back at the comfort of the couch. It overlooks the decked courtyard and the landscaped garden. This design enhances the light quality in the interior spaces.

The master bedroom is vast, cozy and at the same time- deluxe and sumptuous. It is adorned with fluted wooden panels, leather bed back, and raw silk upholsteries. Again, this space takes a minimalistic as well as a sophisticated approach with neat furniture designing and canny wooden flooring.

A mosaic-tiled wall art is explored in the powder toilet against the natural stone finished wall and a striking yellow wash-basin top. With a warm and cozy setting, the son’s bedroom exemplifies luxury and glamour with raffia finished wallpaper and natural materials to juxtapose the feeling of grandeur.  Warm chandeliers, by themselves, act as a delightful work of art creating a warm-serene space.

Lying uphill, this project overcame challenges like the procurement of the materials apart from the execution obstacles. Despite it all, it had turned out to become a stature of vernacular with its modern essences- turning it into a place to truly dwell into!


Firm: Manoj Singhal & Associates

Project Name: The Hillcrest

Project Type: Residential

Principal Architect: Manoj Singhal

Area: 10,000 sq. ft.

Location: Siliguri, West Bengal

Text Credit: Megha Hirani




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