Contemporary Elegance of Living Spaces and Old World Charm of Rustic Homes | The Crossboundaries

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Imagine a place of serenity and awakening by a tranquil river. A flurry of bird sounds becomes a constant backdrop for a space of calm shadows, witnessing the playful movement of time. Amidst this lushness and rustic setting, a composition of stark greys and whites sits like a pristine object on the river’s edge. This is Kalrav- a weekend villa designed by The Crossboundaries, perched on the banks of the beautiful river Mahi.

Contemporary Elegance of Living Spaces and Old World Charm of Rustic Homes | The Crossboundaries

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The rustic design essence of the master bedroom and guest bedroom both lies in simplicity and optimizing outdoor views. Carefully selected wicker and cane furniture complement the farm-house vibe, while also being lightweight for easy changes.


The home sits on a plot of 27,000 sq.ft, and is a quick 45 minute drive away from Vadodara city. As the city grows, rustic second homes tucked away into the countryside are becoming places of rejuvenation and relaxation for many families. Intended as a weekend getaway for an older family, this home is the epitome of fuss-free, low-maintenance yet high-value luxury living, equipped with all amenities, furnished in memorable ways.

The west-facing open kitchen is bathed in natural light through automated blinds, adding life to the bright mint-green cabinet shutters.

In the orientation and planning of the ground-level residence, the architects took clues from the river’s length and natural run of the land. A generous driveway and front garden lead into the villa compound, following which the house extends sideways as a long volume, with the river visible beyond.

The building layout as essentially a thin linear strip, parallel to the river brings advantages of east-facing views and uninterrupted vistas. As a design feature, the entrance area is at an angle, slightly changing the visitor’s orientation, before arriving into the sun-filled court. The presence of a placid water-body, both at the entrance and the back porch instantly brings a riverine connection, and soothes the body and mind!

The spacious living and family area is laid out in a single bay, with private bedrooms on either side. The seamless living-dining area accommodates large family gatherings or quiet moments of solitude alike. The dining table, crafted as a hunk of polished driftwood, afloat, anchors the room together. Each livable area is designed for a complete frontal view through openable French windows, framing the garden and the river waters below.

This house by the river brings together modern sensibilities in understated ways, open to the elements of nature, wildlife and light.

A deliberately chosen muted interiors palette of white walls, grey ceilings and flooring allows for the views and vistas to come alive, and creates moments of authentic one-ness with nature. Designed for a family consisting of senior citizens as well as children, the selection of furniture and furnishings is anti-skid, clean and soft-edged. Comfortable arm chairs with footstools, along with other seating elements from IKEA and local furniture stores together bring a sense of ease and utility.

The presence of these two smaller courtyards near the bedrooms elevates the connection with the outdoors, bringing in light, wind and the chirping of birds! The guest bedroom carries forward its conversation with nature through a pair of bedside lamps in the form of birds. This allegory presents itself across the house, in the form of bird-shaped sculptures, fixed and floating lighting fixtures – constantly drawing attention to the ever-present sweet birdsounds.

The long outdoor deck, in the verandah, is designed as a space for early morning sun-gazing, or merry nights under the starlit sky. The verandah, cladded in matt black tile, is a play of a shallow linear waterbody, crisscrossed by ‘stepping stone bridges. The water body is a visual and sensorial connection to the river…like a soft line dividing the man-made and natural, the permanent and ephemeral.

Fact File

Designed by: The Crossboundaries

Client Name: Sharad Bhavsar

Project Type: Residence Architecture and Design

Project Name: Kalrav (Waterfront weekend villa)

Location: Gajana, Gujarat

Year Built: 2022

Project Size: 27000 Sq.ft

Built up: 35000 Sq.ft

Principal Architect: Harsh Boghani

Team Design Credits: Sanket Prajapati, Forum Jariwala, Vijay Dhabi, Rishabh Prajapati, Neel Patel & Shailesh Boghani

Text Credits: Niharka Joshi

Photograph Courtesy: Tejas Shah

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