Contemporary Architecture Exhibiting Dramatic Sciagraphy | Aakar Group of Consultancy

The bungalow built on a 45 feet × 70 feet property in Sangli consists of a ground floor that houses the office of the architect, and two residential floors above it. Keeping in mind the site dimensions and hot and dry climatic conditions of the region, the house is designed on a rectangular grid with internal as well as external landscape patches. For most of us, a home is a contemporary architecture space that soothes and secures. But for some, its an architectural expression born out of love for creativity and technological innovations. The residence designed encompasses balanced play of geometric forms.

Contemporary Architecture Exhibiting Dramatic Sciagraphy | Aakar Group of Consultancy

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At the entry, guests are greeted by flowering plants interwoven with grand steps, itself serving as sitting areas. The living room extends onto the outdoor sitting area, and the open kitchen is connected to the utility space at the rear side of the house. Planning of the house is done keeping in mind the needs of a small nuclear family that sought for a private and compact living. Continuing the same grid, the first floor also houses 2 bedrooms, toilets and outdoor areas.

Devoid of artificial facade treatment, form follows function in the geometry of the structure; which emphasizes a harmonious coexistence. The Terracotta Jali breaks the monotony in addition to maintaining privacy. A predominantly grey and yellow exterior, using Terracotta tiles, is reflected in the elevational boxes which shade parts of the bungalow.

A room has too many things to look at. But the designer wants your eye to be drawn to places where it can rest, like the cantilever staircase casted in concrete finish that acts as a central spine of the residence. This staircase adjacent to the dining area connects to the second floor, where the floating master bedroom which is a 14 ft cantilever, another bedroom, a family lounge, study area, a patio and landscape patches are organized.

Spaces flow into each other, in a linear arrangement, free from visual obstruction. Also the first floor and second floor are visually connected. The spatial planning is functional, simple and ensures versatile, clutter free spaces. The crowning glory of the house is the indoor landscape area. This is the activity hub of the house with framed views from the family room, study area and guest bedroom.

The area is naturally lit with a pergola and Terracotta Jali frames that allow the morning light to filter in bestowing upon it a magical sun-kissed aura that defines the start of the day. It is an oasis of peace and relaxation and creates a dramatic escape from the busy life. The vibrant Bougainville plantation adds beauty to the verdant patches, while the pergola above the patio adjoins an element of playfulness to the structure.

This intuitive interaction with the forces of nature creates a dynamism that lends itself to the indoor-outdoor dialogue that is at the heart of architecture. It is a quirky house: asymmetrical and interesting, with surprises around every corner. Prioritizing high quality materials over ornamentation, the designer wove a sense of craftsmanship into each room. The pivoted Jali screen is designed with different diagonal orientations of the Terracotta tiles to avoid direct sunlight and to facilitate the flow of winds.

Tailored to the architect’s aesthetic, the material palette consists of Terracotta tiles, wooden flooring, raw concrete texture and Kota stone. The interior layout of the rooms is meticulously designed for effective circulation and movement through the house. Minimal and simple, the interior is highlighted with the use of wooden flooring at certain places that imparts a comforting feel to the home. The materials used are exposed and raw, displaying honest nature of those materials.

Fact File

Designed by: Aakar Group of Consultancy

Project Type: Residence Architecture And Design

Project Name: House of Dynamic Shadows

Location: Sangli, Maharashtra

Year Built: 2020

Duration of project: 2 Years

Plot Area: 2814 Sq.ft

Built up: 5200 Sq.ft

Project Cost Appx: 1.3 Crore

Principal Architects: Milind Kulkarni, Mrudul Kulkarni

Photograph Courtesy: Clickophilets.Studio

Consultants for the Project

Civil: Y.V. Construction, Sangli

Interior Designers: In house

Landscape Architects : Ar. Abhilasha Dalvi and Prashant Patil

MEP & HVAC Consultants : Yashada Consultants, Sangli

Structure Engineers : A. B. Kulkarni and Associates, Sangli

Project Managers: Ar. Heramb Kulkarni, Ar. Amit Mankapure, Ar. Viresh Borgi

Products & Materials: Wallcovering & Paints: Asian Paints / Sanitary ware: Jaquar / Windows: Jindal / Flooring: Qutone / Kitchen & Hardware: Hafele and Hettich

Firm’s Instagram Link: Aakar Group of Consultancy

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