Complete Guide to Donating a Charitable Gift To a Non-profit

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Human beings have always been pushed by an urge to help those in need. According to a large-scale study, humans are naturally more selfless than most animals.

As a result of this natural human instinct, people love to help those in need by making donations to nonprofits around the globe.

This gesture is necessary because countless non-profits thrive on donations to accomplish various humanitarian goals in varying regions.

While there are many ways to donate charitable gifts, the donation method plays a crucial part in determining how quickly the charity receives this donation.


If you’re interested in donating a charitable gift to a nonprofit, but you’re unsure how to go about it, here’s an ultimate guide.

How Can I Donate A Charitable Gift To Non-Profits?

You can donate to nonprofits in any way supported by the organization. Most charitable organizations accept gifts either through financial contributions or even valuable goods and rendered services.

It’s all up to you and the non-profit to which you’re donating. So how can you present a charitable gift to a non-profit?

Here are some of the methods of donating a charitable gift to a nonprofit organization.

  1. Cash Donations

This option is the most common way of donating to a non-profit. Many non-profits prefer cash donations from donors because they can be directly used to finance projects and carry out other necessary activities.

You can become a project sponsor or make direct cash donations to the organization, whatever works best for you.

You can simply write a check to the organization if you want an escape from tax liabilities.

  1. Charitable Bequests

Bequests refer to donations or gifts outlined as part of a will to a charity organization or non-profit.

In other words, these are a part of an estate given as a donation to a non-profit or charity organization stated by will.

There are four types of charitable bequests: general bequests, specific bequests, residuary bequest, and demonstrative bequests.

General bequests are parts of an individual’s estate available assets that are donated to charity, while specific bequests are direct property donations to charity. They may include cars, jewelry, or even cash.

Bequests from a distinctive source like a bank account are known as demonstrative bequests and residuary bequests are donations made out of the remains of an estate when all debts and expenses have been settled.

You can choose any of these methods to give bequests for nonprofits as they’re all efficient and easier on your tax balance too.

  1. Item Donations

Donating valuable items is another helpful way to help support the cause of nonprofit organizations.

These could range from unneeded items in your closet to home furniture and kitchen utensils. You can even donate your old car or anything else you deem helpful to the activities of the non-profit.

When you donate your old items to nonprofits, they can either distribute the items among the needy or sell them to generate money to finance projects that will aid their cause.

  1. Offering Your Services

While money and other material donations are always welcome in a nonprofit organization, nonprofits also need human labor to successfully implement most of their projects.

If you have so much spare time, you can choose to act as a volunteer providing a service that the organization needs.

If possible, you can even help with problems related to your field of occupation. This will go a long way in helping these nonprofits achieve their humanitarian goals.

Being a volunteer for nonprofits isn’t tasking as you can choose the nonprofit you want to work with and tailor your activities according to your schedule and passion.

  1. Supporting Walk or Run Events

Another way you can render support to a nonprofit is by sponsoring its activities and events.

Many nonprofit organizations organize frequent walks and run events to raise awareness of their objectives and reach out to individuals and organizations for donations.

Nonprofit organizations enroll people to participate in these events, these people can be sponsored by donors, and the proceeds go to the non-profit they represent.

Process Involved In Donating a Charitable Gift to a Nonprofits

Before attempting to donate a charitable gift to a nonprofit, it always helps to know the correct course of action. Knowing the steps involved in donating to a nonprofit makes the donation easier on both sides.

Most nonprofits make their financial details public. In cases like this, you can simply log in to their website, get their account details and make your donations.

However, the above process only works for anonymous donations. Some people like to follow up on their donations to see how far their money went. If that spoke directly to you, you should follow these steps when making charitable donations to nonprofits.

  1. Identify the Organization

The first step is thoroughly researching the nonprofit and if its motive and ideology align with your interests.

For example, if you share the same ideology of making sure everyone regardless of their financial or social status should have a right to quality meals daily, then you might want to leave a bequest to Food For Life Global.

  1. Decide Your Donation Method

If their cause excites you and you wish to render your support, you can decide on how you want to support the organization. 

You can offer cash donations, donate relief items, offer personal services or even make a cryptocurrency donation.

This step is necessary, as it’ll reduce your communication with the organization, simplifying the charity process.

  1. Make Your Donation

When you’ve chosen qualified charitable organizations, and decided your donation method, it’s time to make your donation.

If you’re donating by cash or crypto, you can go through the organization’s official website, as most nonprofits make provisions for that on their website.

However, if you’re donating relief materials, you’ll have to contact the organization on how to go about it.


There you have it! Everything you need to know about donating charitable gifts to charity organizations.

With your little donations, either in cash, kind, or crypto, you can help an organization achieve its humanitarian goals, making the world better in the process. You can contact Food for Life Global today to support them in feeding millions of hungry children across the globe.