Color Combination Ideas For Interior Designing


In interior design, color is the most powerful element that can impact the area’s soul. The color can define the house’s story, describe the nature and mood, and make the space feel happy and soulful. It is the reason people invest their money, time, and interest in choosing the accurate color palette for their home interiors. The interior designers discuss with the owners to decide the color and associated furniture, accessories, and décor items according to the color. According to color trends, severe color combinations complement each other in the same space. It is the latest and the most popular trend which people want to try with the suggestion of interior designers.

Approach To Match The Color Pallets:

According to specific interior designing techniques, the color combination must have a specific approach related to the house’s choices, nature, and its people. The interior designers discuss every minute variation in houses and rooms according to the people living there. It makes the area livelier and more soulful. Let us discuss some of the common approaches necessary while pairing color combinations. Below are the mentions:

Select Monochrome Palettes: 

The monochrome palettes never go out of fashion and lit up the area with bright hues in variant tones. It makes the room look sophisticated with standard choices of color. It is the reason people demand it for their dining areas, living rooms, etc. The best monochromatic combination is always visible in hotels. For example, the color combination of pale blue and royal blue will look amazing in the big area.

Choose The Colors According To The Temperature: 

The color has its temperature, either cool or warm. The choice of color according to the temperature balance will always elevate the mood with happiness and harmony. Discussing the example, the color palettes such as blue and green pair extremely well with the cool hues and make the look extremely catchy. Coming to the warm color combination, deep colors like red go perfect with orange and dark brown with soft beige is a pleasing and alluring combination to watch.  

Selection Of Complimentary Colors:

 Contrast and opposite colors compliment each other and give a pleasing look. Complimentary color pallets are beautiful and are presented in the recent trend of trying new and catchy combinations. For example, a combination of coral green and blue or mild red and green are beautiful, trendy, and catchy color combinations. You can check out plenty of the trendy color combination ideas for your house on

Color Combination Guide:

Some specific color matching rules make the combination look balanced and pleasing. As every color has its properties, each color should own its beauty, complimenting the other color when in combination. Below are the guidelines for choosing the color combination for your interior décor. Let’s have a look:

Color Wheel Method: 

The color wheel has primary, secondary, and tertiary colors on which you can match the colors according to the choice and interest. This method comprises selecting the colors by two methods, analogous and complementary color methods. You choose the primary, secondary and tertiary colors in an analogous method with the 60-30-10 rule. For example, taking orange (60%), yellow-orange (30%), and red-orange (10%) is best. The complementary color method is located on the opposite side of the color wheel. For example, orange and blue, red and green, etc. 

60-30-10 Rule: 

This rule mentions the choice of colors with primary colors in 60 percent, secondary colors in 30 percent, and tertiary colors in 10 percent. Such combination pallets look lively and complement each other beautifully. The 60 percent colors are prominent and include the wall color, rugs, carpets, floor color, and some furniture. The 30 percent colors bring depth to your décor schemes and are included in the room’s decorative items. The 10 percent color is an accent color complimenting with contrast in the house’s color scheme. For example, Gray (60%), light blue (30%), and pink (10%) are one of the most popular combinations. 

Flowing Color Scheme:

 Your house’s color scheme must flow throughout the house and connect each space. Hence the primary base color must be the same throughout the house. Adding up the color in this for different rooms and areas provides liveliness to the house. It will make a cohesive and flowing connection in all the rooms without having a similar theme. 


Hence these are some ideas and guides for choosing the best color combination for your space. Choosing the color pallets is an important task for an interior designer as the color fills the house’s soul. Matching different colors with each other can make the house harmonious, peaceful, and lively. People are coming forward to choose different color combinations to feel the change and beautiful experience in their interiors.