Classic Mid Century furniture a timeless style

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But among the many ways to decorate, the classic Mid Century style is certainly one who most reflects the true nature of full furniture landscape, the wide range of furniture and its variants are in fact a landmark in the production of any furniture factory.

The classic style imposes itself in the proposed furniture to be timeless, adaptable to any environment, presents enviable modularity and functionality that join the preciousness of lines and materials will creating an evocative harmony.

The new design studies now have developed new designs for classics furniture from the old flavor but approach with maximum functionality in everyday life.

The Mid Century is characterized by its very nature by a wide use of wood, especially furniture are cherry-wood and oak, as well as mahogany and solid wood; recall the Old and warmth’s wood are the fundamental characteristic of this style. This style is revisited today by artisanal production that makes it accessible even in contemporary environments while maintaining the value and flavor that only with an accurate woodworking can have.

Mid Century designs are everywhere, most of the featured interior design projects reflect this style. Mid century modern designs are well known for their sleek clean lines, organic shapes, no-fuss, and straight forward style. The past styles and traditional pieces of furniture are re-imagined to look futuristic.

This style of design embraces relatively new materials such a resin, Glass, vinyl, plastic, for their own artificial qualities rather than to imitate wood creating a visual display for your living space. The Eames lounger has never been out of production since its inception.

If you need to tweak up your traditional and period look, try some of the mid century furnishings; it will certainly do the trick and provide a fresh look. Mid century chair is becoming increasingly popular and trendy nowadays.

The Mid Century furniture is timeless and fills the environment with his compactness, does relive the warmth of a time and at the same time is a sign of prestige and sophistication. The craftsmanship embellish every detail so that there are showcases and beliefs from golden profiles well matching with shelves in marble and granite.

The furniture direct on the craft and their validity for this are well known for furniture production by finishing sought such coatings and drawings by hand worked well using over colors and lacquerings. The elegance and the study of detail often makes the difference and processing carried out by experienced operators often leads to have a piece of furniture that not only is never equal to another. In the decorations made by hand, the quest for lines and soft colors, wants to rediscover the ancient and valuable of technical master craftsmen of the past.

The processing and use of wood is the quality that makes the difference and a good production is in furniture that have “life” and giving “life” that decorate the environment. Thus the classic furniture, maintains his desire to ancient but lives in the life of today where required functionality and practicality. In classic style is a beautiful harmonic fusion between ancient’s scent and the modern ‘s comfort.


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