Cincinnati Roofing Tips for Spring Cleaning Checklist Cincinnati OH

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With the weather getting warmer, leaves starting to grow on trees, and flowering blooms feasting your eyes, US households contemplate spring-cleaning their homes, but roof not on their priority list. People work on landscaping, clean garage, prune plants, but ignore roof spring-cleaning. Your roof needs care and maintenance to increase its longevity, especially after the cold winter months. 

According to an article published on, home improvements increase your property value, roof plumbing, windows, etc must be in good working condition to make your property inviting. Here is a spring cleaning checklist for your roof:

Check for mold growth 

When inspecting your roof, look for mold growth because early detection will make fixing the issue fast sans any major hassles. Mildew and mold growth damages the foundation of your roofing system, leading to more issues. Though homeowners try some home remedies to get rid of mold, like zinc or lead control strips, we recommend that you consult with a professional roofing contractor in Cincinnati. 


If you find that mold or mildew has affected a large area on the roof, a DIY job will not help you. Get in touch with an expert for an elaborate roof inspection. Do not take mold growth casually because it spreads to your home interiors, creating health issues for your family. 

Deal with the gutters 

Seamless roof spring-cleaning involves working on your gutters. With the harsh winter months bidding goodbye, the gutters are full of dry leaves and debris, thus blocking channels. Clean all the rubble and withered leaves from the gutters. Make sure you use a strong ladder to do the job for safety reasons. It is better if you get in touch with Half Price Roof – Cincinnati, OH to get the gutter-cleaning job done professionally. 

Clean gutters help in draining the water easily and away from your property. The unclogged gutter is the key to professional roof maintenance, as sidings, shingles, and soffits are susceptible to damages. Roof experts will always use ladders, a hose, as well as a plumbers snake to clean the hard to access areas. Once the gutters are clean, look for any damage, and ensure nothing is slumping. Make sure no holes exist and you are not overlooking the fasteners. 

Spruce the tree branches 

One of the biggest hazards for your home roof is trees. Overgrown vegetation and suspended branches can pose a risk to the structural integrity of your roofing system. You can avoid roof damage from a big tree by trimming its branches that are close to your roof. It will also make your gutter work easy, as there would be less debris and dry leaves. Keep trimming the tree branches regularly so that they do not grow too long and damage your roof. It will make your roof spring-cleaning job easier and hassle-free. 

Leaving trees branches hanging may result in breakage, and crashing on your roof, thus damaging the shingles and integrity of the roofing system. 

Final thoughts

Do not delay spring-cleaning of your roof and get the job done by professionals complete it efficiently and without any hidden charges. Happy spring-cleaning!