Celebrating Indian Traditional Design with Modern Day Retail Sensibilities | JNS Design

Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamond — traditional design adorning them upon themselves always makes a woman feel like the Queen of the world. Similarly, having a space adorned by the creative minds of JNS Designs makes the owner of the space feel like the King of jewels. This store is designed not just for women, but men too. The store rather has a metal differentiation than that of a gender bifurcation. The planning, plotting, changes, efficient circulation, management, execution was all done from scratch by JNS Designs and team for Arjun Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.

Celebrating Indian Traditional Design with Modern Day Retail Sensibilities | JNS Design

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A 5-storey lavious Jewelry Store, Arjun Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. trusted JNS Design for their divine abode. They sat and planned the entire store in a very systematic manner making sure the circulation and design, both weren’t compromised. The concept for the same was decided and worked upon. The entire store is a fusion of Indo-Roman patterns, designs and motifs. On the first sight, an impression on the Indian Culture is represented by women adorned with jewels on them, like a Queen, just like every woman in India is addressed- Laxmi. The facade has an excellent arched-glass door with a triangular roof on head with a lion embarking the store as the king of jewels in the city. The entrance is adorned with yellow lights for a gold glow in the dark.

The floor above has a very interesting purpose. It is a room used for conferences, meetings, staff engagement and entertainment. Large tables, chairs, huge screening and what not! The designers have put in their hearts and souls into the designing of this particular area as it keeps the pulse of the store — employees, running and healthy. They have focused and channelized an entire multi-purpose room into one avoiding all the chaotic smaller and additional rooms. 

Upon entering the store, a grand chandelier is seen right above the head in a rustic theme, giving one a feel of entering an Indo-Roman paradise. The ground floor of this eminent building is devoted only to Gold. The entire floor is made in a beige colour scheme to give a subtle look with an accent of blue. Multiple counters are set up with comfortable chairs for the clients to calmly sit, analyze, choose and buy out their desired piece of jewelry. Everything in gold ranging from rings to heavy sets are displayed on the mannequins in shelves and racks in a very attractive and secured manner. The reception counter is made extremely beautifully with a mirror on top of it for every customer to adore themselves in the beauty selected by them

The final floor is divided into two sections. Both being extremely important. Shopping for jewelry is a long task, calling out for refreshments. Not only that, it calls out for the staff to also energize themselves to cut through the longest hours. The kitchen is lavishly designed by Mr. Sakariya. Giving importance to high tea and coffee refreshments to heating appliances for the home cooked food brought in by the clients, the kitchen has it all! Spaces are allocated for the refrigerator, gas, heating appliances, storage, quick access materials, cutlery and what not!

Right behind it the staircases take you to a land of silver. The floor has dedicated itself to impress the patrons with the outstanding shine and glow and to mesmerize them with the comfort they’re going to feel with the kind of interior presented to them. The floor is bifurcated into two for the display of the above mentioned delicacies. The entire floor has a beautiful beige theme with yellow lights adorning the ceiling. An excellent combination and contrast of the cool colour theme is used for the furniture pieces for the patrons to rest on. Green coloured cozy chairs and a luxurious cobalt blue shaded sofa are used for the same. The reception counter has a rich Italian marble finish with a brown cut work on the same. Few walls are mounted with a rustic wood effect on the sides for an Indo-Roman finish.

In all, JNS Design has created a masterpiece with this piece of work, having everything planned out in such a beautiful manner with no flaws and absolute perfection. They have not left an inch undecorated or ordinary. Everything is crisp, precise and to the point. The designs have a continuity of the Indo-Roman theme throughout right from using their cultures, motifs, designs, inspirations, colour palettes, luxury and way of life. They have, like always, outshined themselves and set the bars higher for their upcoming designs and endeavours. 

Traditional design Jewels loudly speak at weddings! The second floor is only devoted to brides to help them make their weddings and engagements a remarkable event in their lives. With excellent planning and execution, JNS Design has successfully laid out personal booths for the brides and the family to sit comfortably and have their own luxury time to make selections of the jewels they want to be adorned by in the functions. There are shelves carved out in the walls to decorate the spaces. The spaces are divided with golden inlay glasses for privacy. The walls have a signature Indo-Roman rustic wood finish. 


Designed by: JNS Design

Project Type : Jewelry showroom (Architecture and Interior)

Project Name : Arjun Jewellers Private Limited

Location : Rajkot, Gujarat.

Year Built : 2022

Duration of project: 19 Months

Project Size: 10,350 Sq.ft

Project Cost Appx: 4.5 crore

Principal Designer: Jayesh Sakariya

Photograph Courtesy : Blue Planet Design Studio

Consultants for the Project

Structure Engineers: Savan Kakadiya

Project Managers & Quantity Surveyors: V large buildcon                      

Products & Materials: Lighting: Focus lightings and Fixtures Ltd, Regor LED ,Hindustan lights / Sanitary ware: Jaquar / Facade Systems: Malard / Windows: Jay Metal / Paint: Asian paints, Jotun , Mrf / Artefacts: Hindustan lights / Hardware: Shivam Hardware

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