Modern Design Residence that evokes a sense of Luxury & Comfort | Tvashta Architects & Interiors

This modern residence was designed for a well-to-do family settled in Ahmedabad. They were easy-going with design choices but aspired for an easy-to-maintain home and similar fabric selection. Modern Design Residence that evokes a sense of Luxury & Comfort | Tvashta Architects & Interiors Visit: Tvashta Architects & Interiors Considering the luxuries and their lifestyle,[Read More]

The Extravagance of Muted Palettes Adorn this Residence in Mumbai | M.A.D.E by Urvashi Sathaye and Akshay Creations

This 1150 sq.ft residence is located in a relatively quiet and pleasantly green locality of Mumbai. The clients are an elderly retired couple for whom this will be the family home where they can relax and spend time together, with their children and grandkids visiting often. So, of the 4 bedrooms, we designed 2 as[Read More]

Effortless Transition of Varying Palettes for Timeless Aesthetics | EnviArch Studio

A rooted sense of tradition and a contemporary aesthetics persona coalesce with sheer sincerity within the walls of Peninsula 10. Located on the tenth floor of a high-rise residential community in JP Nagar – Bangalore, this home was conceptualised for the Bhat’s poses as a secondary abode to host them and their loved ones over[Read More]

30+ Ideas for a Beautiful Swing Design for your Homes

There is always that carefree voice in our head that tells us to run around bare feet on a beach or jump into muddy puddles. While those carefree days of childhood are firmly in the past now, we can certainly capture some of those intrinsic joys and simple pleasures in our homes for our children[Read More]

Symphony Of Earthy Shades for this Residence in Ahmedabad | Studio Invoke

Minimalistic designs, with earthy shades calming colours, clean lines and play of light describe this contemporary residence. This home is designed with earthy shades for a working couple with a growing child. They wanted their home to be a space where they declutter and experience peace, having a low-maintenance home with a muted colour palette.[Read More]

Reliving the Roman Era with the Minimal Sophistication is this Residence in Vadodara | Shraddha Architects

Nested in Vadodara city this minimal 3bhk apartment was designed for a family who desired to have their interior be sophisticated with flexible spaces. This roman interior is an amalgamation of modern style with the simplicity of classic style, using clean and striking spaces that linger in our memory. Reliving the Roman Era with the[Read More]

20 Spectacular Patio Ideas & Designs to Look Out For in 2022 & Beyond

The patio has become an integral part of a home, more so after the pandemic with the conscious realization for open spaces have a positive psychological impact on our thought processes. While it may be just another part of a home, patio designs are anything but average. As we are aware while getting our homes[Read More]

Minimal Accents & Pastels with a hint of Traditional Indian Elements for a Residence in Vadodara | Foresight Associates

Not all indian home designs have to be user-specific! Some designs are challenged and they ought to meet at least the regional-like abilities.  That’s the case when sample houses are involved. Like other sample spaces, this spread of 1235 Sq.ft at Vadodara had to be a deliverable for one and all visiting it. This is indeed[Read More]

Residence that Exhibits Traditional Motifs and With Contemporary Design Elements in Fine Balance | D IT Architecture Studio

This 3-bedroom contemporary design apartment designed for a family of 3 exudes contemporary charm. The house is woven with bright colors and unique elements. The 15-year-old apartment located in Chennai was a challenge at hand as the original layout was dark, claustrophobic, and lacked the natural light and brightness a home should need. We knew[Read More]

Home that exhibits Modernism with a blend of Ethnic Motifs | A SQUARE ATELIER

This 2BHK apartment was designed keeping in mind the ‘Tropical” vibes and eccentric thoughts to adhere to the client’s taste and revolve around the entire area. The style followed throughout this project was modernism with a twist and fusion of traditionalism over functionality. Freshness and soothing are the two words in which we can define[Read More]