Nature Inspired Abode With Minimalistic And Blissful Interior | KEA Design Lab

This project has been designed for an elderly couple as their home for retirement. Their love for travel and the outdoors inspired our design approach for this house. Minimalistic elements and a Blissful Interior aesthetic with a satisfying beauty in its simplicity, which always feels fresh and blissful, were the essence of the design process[Read More]

Distinctively Luxurious Abode Generously gathered with Artistic Elements | J+AM STOREY

A journey of creating a home, a meditative sanctum quite often begins with several ideas, inspirations, and imaginations. It’s surprising that Catenary House discreetly paves a certain direction for movement in the design language that cloaks the entire residence. Orderly yet not monotonous, playful yet systematically asymmetrical narrates each resident’s daily lives and their interaction[Read More]

The Dwelling of Deep Living: A Home that Cloaks Leisure and Luxury | U and I Designs

There are some who love the city life – abuzz with the casual chatter of people and the commotions of a fast-paced life. While there are others who rejoice in the quiet, and prefer staying away from the hustle-bustle – in a space that is calm and instills peace. The owners of this home were[Read More]

Admirable Contrast of a Minimalist Design with Earthy Accents | Rachaita architect

Antithetically layered with a minimalist design element and an earthy accent/ Rachaita Architect. The name of the house Sachi divija depicts the name of the daughters of the owner whose beautiful residence of 1850 sq. ft, is based out of Althan location of Surat. This imposing 3bhk apartment Is designed for six members of the[Read More]

A Residence that Exhibits the Finesse of Contemporary Interior Design | CS Design Lab

It is our turnkey-based project. Our client approached us with a budget of around 18-20 lakhs. Mr. Bhargavbhai lives with his mother and grandmother. He wanted to have comfortable and contemporary interior design interiors. They wanted to fulfil all the requirements with smart solutions in the given budget, which was challenging for us. There were[Read More]

Mid-Century Modern Home with a side of Shabby Chic | Studio 7 Designs

For this mid-century modern apartment design, calmness and simplicity is paramount. Resisting the urge to clutter a space, grounding design in nature, and keeping to an effortlessly minimalist style helps to exude a calming sense of tranquility. When every item has its place, spaces are easier to keep neat. Even if not on show, grouping[Read More]

Eclectic Chic Design-Inspired Narrative for this Home in Amravati | Pinik Design Studio

Illustrating practicality with flamboyance, this apartment in Amravati fits aptly in the lines of modern luxury. Designed by principle designer Ar. Piyush Chandwani of Pinik design studio, the 750 sq. ft residence meticulously echoes the personalities of its residents. The owners had a basic yet intriguing brief – it was simple and sublime, with contemporary[Read More]

House of Chirping Walls: A Vintage Modern Dream Home | Acacia Creatives 

Adorned beautifully in hues of soft hazy greens, blues, grays, and neutrals, one can feel the vintage modern dream into life while feeling the sounds of nature and birds chirping here and there in the house. House of Chirping Walls: A Vintage Modern Dream Home | Acacia Creatives  Visit: Acacia Creatives  Before you enter the[Read More]

Scandinavian Milieu in combination with a Structured Bohemian Mood | Envisage

Anugraha is a retirement home for a family of three, who have chosen to move into the bustling neighborhood in the heart of New Delhi. Envisage Projects is entrusted to redesign an existing Scandinavian milieu in combination with a structured bohemian mood apartment with the aim to create an oasis for themselves, where they can[Read More]


Architecture and Design have been the most integral elements in every aspect of our lives. It impacts our lifestyle, our homes, workspaces, spaces of hospitality and wellness centers, etc. We have carefully curated the best Architects in Surat, Gujarat. Ranging from varying styles, budgets, and locations, they excel at all. 1. Aangan Architects Aangan Architects was[Read More]