Can A Damaged Garage Door Be Repaired?


Your garage door functions by having all of the different components working together, from the springs to the opener to the sensors. Garage doors work by traveling along a track, and each individual panel works in unison with the other panels for a smooth glide up and down. A garage door repair is sometimes a great solution when you have a problem with a particular component that can be replaced without having to replace your entire garage door. When there is a malfunction with your garage door and you are noticing strange sounds, uneven movement or your garage door won’t open or close, then it’s worth calling a garage door repair specialist who can inspect your garage door and find the problem.

Usually a homeowner doesn’t need to replace their entire garage door unless there is a significant functional issue or major cosmetic damage that has been done to the door through weather or by an accident. For example, garage door repair in Newport News, VA may be necessitated by high winds or flood waters.

If the garage door is more than 12 years old, then it may have outlasted its functional use and will need to be replaced. In most other cases, however, you only need a professional garage door repair technician to troubleshoot the issue and fix the isolated area that needs attention. Then you can continue using your garage door as usual.


Learning how to maintain your residential garage door improves its longevity. You should visually inspect your garage door and test its functionality twice a year. Although some maintenance services should only be conducted by a professional garage door technician, there are some things you can check.

  • Open and close your garage door and listen for any loud or new sounds such as rattling, grinding, or squeaking; they indicate that there is an issue. You may only need to apply lubrication to the rollers to reduce the sound.
  • Visually inspect the rollers and the track. If there is debris on the track, then that can damage them over time.

You should never adjust the garage door torsion springs on your own or touch any red-painted bolts or parts. These must be inspected by a garage door professional.

Replacing Parts

If there has been any surface damage to the panels, you need a paint touchup or you need to replace an entire panel, then that is work a garage door repair specialist can do within one or two hours. Addressing these issues can improve the functionality of your door and make it more aesthetically-pleasing.

If there is warping or cracking, however, then you may need a door replacement. If your door is over 12 years old, then it may be worth installing a new garage door rather than trying to replace a part. One newer part will not make up for the rest of the door’s wear and tear.

Hire A Professional

Because a garage door can fall during repairs, it’s too much of a risk to try to fix problems with your garage door yourself. Garage door repair specialists will know what type of metal and other specifications to use when repairing your door. Many have 24-hour emergency services so they can fix your door immediately.