Benefits of using commercial sinks

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Commercial sinks from stainless steel, like any other food-grade stainless steel products, are increasingly used in various sectors of society. It’s all about the material of manufacture – so many advantages are inherent in it that neither business owners nor ordinary people who just want to diversify the interior of their home cannot resist them.Stainless steel furniture and stainless steel sinks certainly have many benefits. In fact, next to wood, it has become the preferred construction solution and used by most manufacturing businesses.

Working in a professional kitchen involves many processes. This is not only cooking but also cleaning dirty dishes and utensils. For this, stainless steel equipment commercial sinks are installed. They are among the essential attributes of the modern cuisine of cafes, restaurants, canteens and catering establishments.

Benefits of using commercial sinks

How to choose really high-quality and reliable commercial sinks  that meet all the requirements of public catering, including hygiene? To do this, it is necessary to study the range of products supplied to the market by modern manufacturers, evaluate the advantages of different types of utility sinks and select the correct dimensions, taking into account individual requirements.


Stainless steel sinks with anti-corrosion properties has the highest performance characteristics, which allows it to easily cope with the following types of load and maintain an impeccable appearance for many years:

  • daily exposure to hot water and aggressive cleaning agents;
  • constant disinfection, mandatory for surfaces in constant contact with food;
  • easy cleaning of various liquids, product residues and waste;
  • high temperature of pots, baking trays and pans removed from the stove.

Stainless steel production kitchen utility sinks are required to be absolutely stable on any floor covering, and also completely safe, even when they are loaded with additional equipment.

By its design, a stainless steel washing bath can be:

  • welded, which consists of two parts – a supporting steel frame and a washing area. They are interconnected by special processing. The welded washing tub is highly stable, reliable, durable and has a fairly low price, so many consumers prefer to buy it;
  • seamless, which is made by casting from a single piece of metal. It has several significant advantages over welded construction equipment. The wash tub is solid-drawn, the price of which is quite expected to be slightly higher, is completely sealed, has no seams, which provides additional hygiene and resistance to damage. It also allows you to adjust the height of the footrests.

In addition to structural differences in stainless steel equipment, restaurant washing tubs also differ in their appearance. 

Each owner of the establishment decides which sink for a cafe to buy on an individual basis, based on the size of the catering unit and the needs of employees in such equipment. In any case, such an acquisition will be useful for a professional kitchen and can be easily purchased in shops with all compartment sinks.


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