Benefits Of A Foam Mattress

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Few things are as vital as quality sleep. If you’ve not been getting a good night’s slumber, your mattress may be the culprit. You probably have an outdated inner spring model or your mattress is too old and is no longer offers your body the support it requires. If this sounds like you, you need to get a queen foam mattress

In recent years, the sale of foam mattresses has gained popularity. It’s estimated that they account for more than 20% of all mattress sales. Manufacturers think that this popularity is largely attributed to their benefits. Most foam mattresses are created using unique materials that are pressure and temperature sensitive, resilient and conformable, and have open-celled construction.

Here are some benefits you’ll get when you buy a foam mattress:

  1. Pain Relief

Some people are used to living with back pain. Research indicates that 80% of Australians do experience back pain during their lifetime. Others are also likely to experience shoulder or neck pains. 

If you’re strutting with these kinds of pain, it may be because you’re sleeping on the wrong mattress. A form mattress can help to relieve or reduce your pain in two main ways: keeping your spine aligned every time and offering pressure relief by taking your body’s shape. What this means is that you’ll rise up each morning feeling refreshed and without the worry of handling pain throughout the night or day. 

There is a sleep comparison with traditional and foam mattresses in terms of comfort. Traditional mattresses create pressure sores that negatively affect circulation.  That’s why when you lie on them for longer periods, you’re likely to experience pain. Unlike these mattresses, foam mattresses will spread your weight across the mattress, eliminating pressure points. This kind of support is what will allow you to sleep fully without experiencing joint or back pains. 

  1. Motion Absorption

If you find it difficult to sleep when your partner moves on their side of the bed, you need a foam mattress. These mattresses are created to solve this problem and make sleeping with your significant other more fun instead of stressful. 

Unlike other mattresses, foam mattresses don’t transfer motion. Instead, they absorb it and prevent it from going elsewhere. In fact, if you’re sleeping with your partner, they may get out of bed, rollover, or jump on their side without you feeling anything. That means you’ll sleep better because you’ll not have to deal with your partner’s movement.

  1. Fit Adjustable Beds

If you own an adjustable bed or are thinking about buying one, you may not use it with a traditional mattress. These mattresses may not withstand frequent use in an adjustable bed. On the other hand, foam mattresses are quite perfect for these beds. They can easily bend when you adjust your bed without compromising their quality and durability. 

Also, they minimize dust mites. Some research indicates that traditional mattresses can harbor up to 10 million dust mites. That’s frightening. Isn’t it? However, the good news is that these mites don’t cause harm to most people. Unfortunately, they may aggravate allergies, asthma attacks, and other respiratory issues when you sleep on them for longer periods. 

It’s not easy to eliminate dust mites from your home. A few of them will be lingering around at any given time. Buying a foam mattress can help you to limit their number because they’re made from materials that discourage these mites from living in them. Using a mattress protector on top of them offers better protection from the mites. 

The Bottom Line

Though buying a foam mattress may be quite expensive, it’s worth the price. These are a few benefits you’ll get by purchasing a foam mattress. 

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