• Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Tips That Can Prolong its Life

    Regardless of the season, the need for maintenance of asphalt pavements remains the same. Maintaining the pavements well is of utmost importance to maintain the looks and keep up with the high performance for many years. For top-quality services in maintaining your driveway or parking lot, you can depend on Jet-Seal Asphalt Services that specializes in parking lot coating and other asphalt paving services. Proper asphalt pavement maintenance enhances the pavement life while ensuring its high performance by preventing damages, which helps avoid incurring the high cost of frequent repairs.

    The following tips should help you take care of your asphalt pavement in the best way.

    Filling potholes

    Potholes on asphalt pavements are not only unsightly but can have damaging effects, and the moment you detect potholes act quickly to address it before it deteriorates and causes more damage. Allowing the problem to aggravate will also increase the repairing cost. To patch the potholes with the right binding mixtures, it needs thorough cleaning first, followed by pouring the mixture to fill the hole.

    Seal coating

    Seal coating is one of the most popular and effective techniques of asphalt pavement maintenance for regular damage and cracks. It not only creates an extra layer of protection from the sun’s UV rays but also prevents water damage and cracks. Seal coating can be a quick fix to asphalt pavement damage that prevents deterioration and gives a new look to the surface.

    Filling cracks

    Experts recommend seal coating at regular intervals of a few years to protect the asphalt pavement surface from recurrent damage.  While repairing is essential, it is more important to detect damage and cracks by keeping a close watch on pavements throughout the year. Do not ignore even the smallest crack that can cause a lot of damage even before it becomes big. Moreover, crack filling is easy and affordable. 

    Get rid of puddles and snow accumulation

    While water exposure to pavements or other asphalt surfaces is normal, you must not allow water accumulation on the surface for long because it can damage the surface. Too much water exposure is harmful to asphalt surfaces and removes puddles as soon as it forms by wiping away the water. Similarly, snow accumulation on asphalt pavements can damage the surface besides causing inconvenience for users who have to move around the snow. Clear the snow from pavements and keep it clean but be careful not to use deicers because the salinity of water can cause other damage and would only aggravate the problem.

    Avoid heavy loads

    Although asphalt pavements can bear enough loads yet, it has a specific load-bearing capacity that you must never exceed. Parking lot designs consider a load factor based on the types of vehicles usually parked. Avoid parking heavy vehicles like payloaders and heavy trucks in the parking lot if the design does not permit, or else it will severely damage the pavement.

    Taking proper care of asphalt pavements will reduce the cost of maintenance and extend life, which will save money in the long run.

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