Apartments in Leipzig and Places to Live

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Leipzig is the most populous city in the German state of Saxony and has over 600,000 residents. It is a city that is rapidly growing in popularity for all age ranges with some comparing it to a “new Berlin”. If you’re considering getting an apartment in Leipzig, we have a few suggestions for where you can go, and what you can do when you get there.

Neighborhoods in Leipzig


Plagwitz is known for its hippy atmosphere and industrial feel to many of the buildings there. In recent years, many artists, musicians, and creatives have moved into the neighborhood making it a hip place to live and work. There are street art shows and pop-up shops that will give you places to visit during your recreational time. Artisan coffee shops are plentiful, and this town is undoubtedly a nice place to be.


Lindenau is located next door to Plagwitz and has a similarly industrial feel to the town. While the town overall is not quite as progressive or youth-oriented as Plagwitz, there are plenty of young professionals and startups that have set up shop here. It is an up-and-coming area in Leipzig, and one we think has plenty of room to grow. There are new restaurants and cafes springing up all the time along the canals and each of them offers something unique.


Bachviertel is named after one of Germany’s most famous composers, Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach spent a large portion of his life in Leipzig, and this neighborhood is considered to be more upscale and posh than most of the others in Leipzig. The extensive pub district, or theatre district, provides ample opportunity for nightlife and after-work fun and mingling.


The Südvorstadt neighborhood is located just south of the center of the city and is home to many students, ex-pats, and younger adults. It is in close vicinity to downtown Leipzig, while offering a more reasonable cost of living. It’s an excellent place to find an apartment if you want to have the option for nightlife and exploration available to you while maintaining a quieter home life.


Connewitz is further south of the city center than Südvorstadt and is a slower pace of life for the residents who inhabit it. While there are not as many opportunities for nightlife, the town makes up for it with its incredible nature trails, lakes, and activities for young and older inhabitants alike. The inhabitants are a mix of young professionals, hippies, and older retirees that makes for a unique blend.


Mitte is the city center of Leipzig and is known around Germany for its historical landmarks, incredible architecture, and looming churches. The craftsmanship displayed in Mitte is an homage to German builders everywhere, and the city attracts many tourists whose main goal is to walk around and admire the buildings. There are bountiful opportunities for shopping, and many bars to get drinks at with friends. You will not be disappointed if you choose to live in Mitte, although the prices for apartments can be higher in the center of the city.

Choosing one neighborhood to live in

If you’re set on living in Leipzig, read through our guide to help you choose which neighborhood feels right to you. Purchasing an apartment in Leipzig can be expensive the closer to the center of the city you get, so keep that in mind when shopping. Sometimes, being just where you want to be is worth the extra expense.