• Apartment Interior Designed With Clients Philosophical Guidelines | Neotecture

    Apartment Interior Designed With Clients Philosophical Guidelines | Neotecture

    The house of one’s dreams and aspirations, dedicated to the parents who have spent prime years of their lives upbringing the children and fulfilling their dreams, often sacrificing the comforts and luxuries, to see them achieve heights and become something in life.

    Living and preaching Sanskaar such as ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ meaning the World is one family and ‘Sarva Dharma Sambhav’ meaning all that all Religions (faiths) are equal to or harmonious with each other, the philosophy directly reflects in the type of house is created. Taking these two philosophical guidelines, the theme of the house was envisioned to be that of ‘the World – in one house’, by merging the function of the space to theme of Travel, also incorporating different religious faiths.

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    The Entrance foyer, to balance the dark brown of the Veneer tone outside, is kept White in order to enter the home in serenity. Vertical groove patterns on the sidewall camouflage, door to the Powder room and main Electrical distribution boards, which would disturb the theme otherwise.

    The living area is seen first as one enters, is designed in the theme of Asia. A vibrant Blue Lounger Sofa & Statement chair complement subtly with natural & turquoise toned Buddha, framed with blue stained backlit Veneer. Light marble floor, Whitewall paneling with metal strips and white ceiling with vibrant curves, denoting the waves of Oceans – connecting the different continents, all create an elegant contrast. Other prominent landmarks of Asia.

    Drawing room, which also converts to a Home theatre, merely by uttering a few words (controlled by Alexa & Automation), is set in the theme of the World. All prominent structures of the world set a pastel-colored collage on the wall with the Projector screen above which rolls down as required. The Sofas with flexible backs serve both the purpose of a Drawing room and Theatre comfort. Subtle yet rich fabrics, wall textures, mildly vibrant stone wall cladding, and the ceiling curves’ theme, make Drawing room a Contemporary luxurious room to be in.

    Balcony, which is the main area in the house to interact with nature, primly as this being a Riverfront area, is designed in the theme of Africa. A Swing along with Coffee chairs & teapoy is the only furniture required. The wall behind Swing is clad in Stones carved in ancient Egyptian style cave paintings. The wall opposite is created as a Vertical wall with small animals denoting the Amazon Rainforest with its rich flora and fauna, with the Pyramid table piece to symbolize the golden age of Africa.

    Dining, which is on the other hand of Living, visible too as one enters the house, is designed in the theme of South America. One of the two prime elements of this area is the imported Brazillian Granite which adorns the top of a Dining table. The other prime feature is the Jesus, here at Dining complements the Buddha on the Living side. The hand wash basin area beside Dining has a stone pedestal basin with a round mirror above, laser cut in geometrical LED lights behind, continuing the elegant & minimal luxury theme.

    The kitchen designed in the theme of Europe. Raised bar-platform designed in curves with diffused lights below complement with pendant and diffused ceiling lights above, in varied Hue tones (also controlled by voice automation). Red bar chairs act as cherries on the cake.

    The house is divided into two major zones, the common and the private areas. Common being the Entry foyer, Drawing & Balcony, Living, Dining and Kitchen, which are open planned. The private areas are mainly the Bedrooms, along with Puja & Library area. These two zones are connected via a passage, which is a bit narrow as compared to the rest of the house, denoting a huge Compass, giving it the theme of the d. The passage has the Puja on one side and a Library & reading space on another.

    The Parent’s room, designed in the theme of India, is an elegant contrast of Dark & Light. The dark tones being of the floor tiles and wall Veneer complimenting with lighter tones of white walls & wood polish, along with geometrically shaped bed back paneling and ceiling with diffused lighting, gives the room touch of vibrancy along with cozy and elegant luxury. The decor items, i.e. Golden temple wall frame, Rajasthani Folk singers, the Taj Mahal, etc. symbolize the varied and rich cultures of India.

    The Guest room designed in the theme of Australia gives glamour to the house. Circular Bed with the similar-sized circular ceiling and curved bed back wall paneling with the wallpaper of Sydney Opera house, make the theme more visually appealing. The prime colors are the Blue and White, in wood polish, wall paint, and fabric textures, contrast subtly with the Mustard yellow lounge chairs. The basin wall mirror in the ensuite is also laser cut in the shape of Australia to add to the theme.

    The Activity cum future Kids’ room is designed in the theme of Antarctica. The current use to exercise and play could easily turn into a bedroom via a wall collapsible Bed. Subtle wall textures contrast with the vibrant wallpapers used, which can be easily changed with the Kid growing up.

    The Master suite, consisting of a bedroom, walk-in wardrobe, ensuite, and Jacuzzi, is designed in the theme of North America. The colors used in Wood polish, wall textures, upholstery fabric, and even the decor, all denote a Contemporary luxury. The Master bed is the focal point and most functional use is designed merging the ergonomics with grandeur. It’s decorated with pebbles on either side covered with glass panels and diffused lit from inside, giving it the name of ‘Pebble Bed’. The furniture around the Bed complements the overall theme of the room in both curves & colors. The New York night skyline over the study table is a back-lit digital print glass for effect, is seen as the jewel of American culture.

    All the furniture is made on-site or in local workshops, to fulfill the client’s requirements of custom shapes, color choices and a combination of materials. Knowing the client’s taste, requirements, budget range, and site constraints are how one designs and executes the design of a house. But, when the inputs in the start are deeper at the philosophical level and continued on all stages of the work, the house, in the end, becomes a remarkable and memorable home to live in.


    Firm: Neotecture

    Project Name: Walidain, Lilamani River Valley One

    Project Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Project Type: Apartment interior




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