An Office Space Encouraging Improved Work-Life Culture | Scapesmiths

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An Office Space Encouraging Improved Work-Life Culture | Scapesmiths

Scapesmiths is an architecture and interior design firm established by young minds with fresh ideas and ambitious dreams to experiment with off the beat but eco-friendly designs using the material in their truest forms. After planting roots in Gurgaon, Scapesmiths came to Jaipur and decided to build a studio in the heart of this beautiful heritage city. Aiming for a spatial holistic experience, Scapesmiths studio was conceptualized as a modern industrial design.

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The main entrance door is all wood with a very subtle insignia announcing the presence of an Architectural and interior design studio. As one enters through the hallway one can’t miss the diagonal play of paint on the walls in shades of grey that helped in squashing the hallway vertically and making space look more square-shaped and not as stretched out as in reality.

The hallway opens to the view of a geometrical framed glass partition with the studio’s name etched on it. This acts as a curtain raiser to what lies beyond. It also divides the waiting area from the workstations, while announcing itself as the branding wall, creating a visual curiosity in the visitor.

With the conference room right in front of the waiting area, the whole space was zoned to create a segregated visitor and working spaces. Strategic use of glass partitions keeps the compact space visually connected, dynamic but playful. As one approaches the openings for the cabin and conference room, one can observe that instead of going with the processed face veneer, the core layer of the Poplar wood has been used as the front facia of the doors, elaborating the usage of material in their truest form.

The ceiling for the cabin and conference room with its amalgamated wood and metalwork stands as an innovative ornamental element yet does not by any means tamper with the height of the room. The introduction of the teal color to an overall warm color scheme, acts as a highlighting element, giving the surroundings a very positive and serene vibe.

The studio is high on storage. A filing system is in place and open and closed wall storages, in different sizes of vertical and horizontal rectangles adorn the wall next to the discussion table, utilizing every inch yet allowing the space to look and be breathable. The walls are marked with quirky and inspirational quotes encased in wooden frames. A very simplistic décor, but it reflects the thought that “simple can be beautiful”. It also keeps the work force constantly motivated!!

An even tone of neutral white lighting washes the wall and furniture, creating a soothing visual balance in the entire studio. Most of the furniture has been built with the help of locally sourced wood, infused with repossessed metal and glass and paint, keeping the aesthetics and durability in mind and hoping to reduce the carbon footprint in some small way.

Overall, this space was created with the idea of natural and fresh décor that not only oozes tastefulness and sophistication but also encourages an improved work-life culture of the staff. The ambience is conducive to facing challenges with enthusiasm on an everyday basis. A friendly warmth pervades the studio at all times among the workforce so that the creative juices keep flowing and they get some really great work done here!!


Designed byScapesmiths

Project Type: Office interiors

Project Name: Scapesmiths studio

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Year built: 2019

Size: 450 sq feet

Principal Architect: Ar.Nikhita Singh, Ar. Aman Lamba

Photograph courtesy: Studio BluOra




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