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    By definition, a Boutique office is a personal office space, away from the pulls and pressure of the households while still being in the close proximity to the residence. Home to the Osho International Meditation Resort, affluent Koregoan Park is primarily a posh residential area of Pune with lush greenery, but of late has been growing into a commercial hub as well. An industrial office design concept with an innovative take on its planning was envisioned for a space that is brave and bold, innovative, and organic! An informal, home-like space that is welcoming and yet high-end at this location was the goal for the design of this office complex.

    “By not connecting all the office areas together, there is a profound individuality in every space, differing from one another in terms of originality and stature.”- Nishal Sevak(Co-Editor)

    An Industrial Office Design Concept With An Innovative Take On Its Planning | AndSpaces

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    Our go-to style for this office space, which required a great blend of minimalist and functional elements, was the industrial design style.  Our Palette included a combination of wood with metal, utilitarian with chic, and a symbiosis of form and function. Our idea was to use simplistic materials to elevate a barren space into comfortable and productive workspaces.

    Aiming for a luxurious but also functional workspace environment, we mixed the principles of contemporary with mid-century modern’s timeless design style. A blank industrial canvas of raw materials, such as concrete and wood, is overlayed with contemporary furniture inspired in clean, modernist-inspired shapes.

    Breakout spaces provide room for thought, and private offices with set desks allow for the privacy and discretion that workers sometimes require. One of the key principles that guided the spatial planning of the office was clarity in the sequence of spaces so that they are optimized for efficiency.

    This was achieved with mirrors and glass partitions with solid surfaces that flowed seamlessly throughout the workspace. The reflective mirrors work to stretch the depth of the space in the visual sense.

    The elevational facades mainly consists of bricks and glass which create opportunity for light and a sense of space. The large glass panels allow the light to flow throughout the space, reflecting a glow on the glass and giving the office a warm ambiance.

    By gutting the space to rebuild a flowing, open interior that fosters collaboration, we created generous, light filled spaces. Calming colour tones, natural materials and a sense of balance prevail throughout the architectural and interior design of this office.

    By making ingenious use of geometry and earthy colors, the hard metal, stone, and glass materials convey the essence of the boutique office.

    This was achieved with mirrors and glass partitions with solid surfaces that flowed seamlessly throughout the workspace. The reflective mirrors work to stretch the depth of the space in the visual sense.

    A compact, glass-enclosed reception/waiting and conference room, features an indoor conservatory, which becomes the perfect space to meet people, present and interact too.

    A compact, glass-enclosed conference room, with ample light and greens around, becomes the perfect space to present and interact too.

    The MD’S cabin design exudes a feeling of freshness by using a monochromatic colour palette. The white colour of the cabin, together with the marble storage unit and a powder coated golden hanging, provides a personal touch to the space’s overall design.

    In addition to the desk and chair, there is a corresponding lounging area in the shape of a sofa on one side of the room, where natural light streams in through the window, further enhancing the aesthetics of this cabin.

    Exuding a fitting ligneous sheen, the director’s cabin is a fantasia of contemporary wooden and modern marble finishes. The space would be used by dignitaries, company directors and CEO’s, so it was important that it inspired an air of creativity and inventive thinking.

    We strove to create an ambience that would allure from the moment one stepped into the cabin. In spite wood being the major feel pf the space, we designed it such that it exudes luxury and grandness.

    The decor is modern, yet warm. We custom-created most of the elements including the veneer wall paneling and lit marble shelves with the flooring scheme composed of assorted materials and patterns.

    Throughout the design of this boutique office, we adopted a unique approach and treatment for each office keeping in lines with the industrial design style. For both the cabins, we were able to create two decidedly distinct zones, while maintaining a homogeneous look and vibe within the same space.

    Fact File

    Designed by : AndSpaces

    Project Type : Office Architecture & Interior Design

    Project Name : The Boutique Office

    Location : Koregoan Park, Pune

    Year Built : 2023

    Duration of the project : 12 Months 

    Project Size : 3000 Sq.ft

    Project Cost : 1.85 Crore

    Principal Architect : Ar. Ankita Nand Deshmukh 

    Team Design Credits : Ar. Athira Nair & Saloni Mugdiya 

    Photograph Courtesy : Yamini Krishna Photography 

    Photography Styling : Neha Sanganeria 

    Products / Materials / Vendors : Wallcovering / Cladding – Sonal Ceramics/ Ceratec / Lighting – T- Lights / Doors and Partitions – Andspaces Consultants  / Sanitaryware – Sonal Ceramics / Facade Systems – Utility Windows / Windows – Utility Windows / Furniture – Viraaj By Andspaces / Flooring – Ceratec And Sonal Ceramics / Paint – Asian Paints / Hardware – Shree Interiors.

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