An Apartment with Beautiful Blend of Functionality, Harmony and Luxury : Taaraka | Designers Concept

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An Apartment with Beautiful Blend of Functionality, Harmony and Luxury : Taaraka | Designers Concept

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This residential apartment is a beautiful blend of functionality, harmony and luxury. Taaraka is designed with an interesting colour palette, bespoke furniture and fine aesthetics.

The Living room is cool, comfortable and classy. The living room was constructed to invoke feelings of awe, warmth and invitation at the same time. Work, play or anything in between, the living room can accommodate it all. Incredible blend of smooth and striking textures, colours and materials, enable this to be an all encompassing space.

TV room is Perfectly designed to strike the subtle combination of cozy, sensual and sensible all rolled into one. Accomplished by the thoughtful arrangement of utility items and space along with combination of colours , textures and lighting to achieve a space that can be used for fun, frolic and laughter.

Master bedroom designed beautifully symmetrical, solid colours and ample spacing, the master bedroom stays true to its name by displaying the perfect blend of grandeur, practicality and finesse.

Grandparents room taking inspiration from tradition and minimalism, the rustic design, use of woody and simple elements contribute to providing that extra comfort and homely feel to this room.


Designed by: Designers Concept

Project Type: Apartment Interiors

Project Name: Taaraka

Location: Pune

Year built: 2021

Size: sq feet: 2100

Project Cost appx: 1.25 Cr

Principal Architects: Rahul Mutha & Rujul Mutha

Photograph Courtesy: PHXindia (Aaditya Kulkarni)

Furnishings: Wall Paint : Jotun | Wall Coverings : Arte Walls | Soft Furnishing : Ikka home | Furniture : Behaus Home | Rugs : Chirag Maheshwari | Artworks : Art and Found and Cyahi | Artefacts : Lavendur Studio | Lights : Tisva | Automation : Toyama | Kitchen : Kismat Hardware 

Firm’s Instagram Link : @rujulmuthadesigns

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