• Alluring Modern Interiors in New Delhi | The Works Interiors

    These modern interiors of this New Delhi house morphs between a celebration hub and a workplace, done by The Works Interiors.

    The Works Interiors is a Delhi-based design studio, specializing in modern interiors of various sectors. Their latest work of an apartment interior design, Rue 32 is a celebratory spot for its inhabitants.

    Alluring Modern Interiors in New Delhi | The Works Interiors

    A home is as much about hosting friends and relatives as it is about living with one’s family. For some, it is a celebratory spot of life with their loved ones. Law professionals Duiti and Ravi approached The Works Interior (TWI) with a simple brief– to reimagine their new home as a reflection of their personalities and lifestyle. They envisioned an abode that becomes a cozy nest after a long day at work, while serving as the perfect leisure space for hosting their guests. 

    Modern interiors of a living room design in a New Delhi apartment

    With the brief in hand, TWI visualized the house, from large-scale planning to the smallest furniture piece that would redefine the spaces in a new light. As a result, the product of the brainstorming stands in the form of Rue 32– a 2250 sq. ft. apartment, located in South Delhi, that harmonizes aesthetics and functionality, creating a haven for the family to unwind and cherish moments with their kith and kin and friends. 

    The living and dining area:

    The living area that envelopes the bar is rendered to complement its opulence. Being the introductory space to the residence, it is draped in inviting shades. The furniture in Rue-32 comprises bespoke pieces handcrafted in the designer’s workshop to suit the renovated apartment’s gaieties.

    Likewise, the living room is a showcase of eclectic furniture with the likes of a grey three-seater sofa, a rose pink loveseat and a chequered lounger. All of these circle a nested table finished in marble laminate, giving a focal point to the room. Wrapping the living area in a comforting embrace is the wooden ceiling that adds a restful touch. Its natural wood grains create a contrasting dichotomy with the contemporary bar unit.

    Seamlessly opposite is the dining space adorned with an interplay in wooden textures as exhibited through different furniture pieces. The dining table, the chairs, and the console table are crafted with an understated elegance that charges this gathering space with its olive green tint.  

    Dining area in a modern interiors by The Works Interiors

    The bar area:

    The spatial layout of the residence is such that the areas gather around a central circulation spine that facilitates easy navigation around the apartment. In addition to the cleverly executed modern interiors to help the guests with their movement. Besides the space locations, on evenings and holidays, the hallway turns into a playhouse for the kids. Serving a small family, the house has a living room, a bar, a dining area, a den-cum-closet, a lounge and three bedrooms in its functional program.

    Modern interiors along with living and bar design

    The bar area manifests itself as the heart of the home, defining its spirit. Upon arrival to the apartment, the living room greets the visitor on the right, at one corner of which sits the sheen-bathed bar. Envisioned as the hub of all activity, the exquisite bar unit is crafted to take center stage in the space.

    Modern interiors with alluring bar niche

    The couple’s hosting habits see the light of the day in this piece that flaunts a deep-hued granite top. Befitting to exchange light-hearted notes with family and friends over cocktails and beverages. Its vertical sides are in an animate look with the glass panels that emanate an onyx-life effect with the artistic play of colors and patterns contained within. A diffused light radiating from the panels casts a gentle glow, making the unit shine like a pearl in the ocean with wall-encased cabinet in the backdrop. Also, brass accents running along the edges encase the table. While lending balance and a touch of elegance to the entire bar area. 

    Bar counter design in the theme of modern interiors

    The COVID oriented bedrooms:

    With the flexibility in work location popularized by the pandemic, Duiti and Ravi also wished for a home office. Hence, the designers introduced a private corner for reading or leisure. To make way for these spaces, the designers transformed a walk-in closet into a multi-purpose den. Not only consisting of a home office but also a storage space and a reading nook. In addition, a space-saving wall-mounted workstation takes position opposite a multifunctional closet to enable efficient space making.

    Modern interiors of a workspace with a touch of rustic theme

    Shutters of the closet are mirrors, giving the room a sense of enlargement and depth. While the walls are treated with exposed bricks and wallpapers to make for the added richness. When Ravi wants to work within the restful confines of his home, or Duiti wishes to nestle in one corner with her favorite book, this space opens up as the perfect cozy corner to jump dimensions.

    In contrast to the maximalist living area, the master bedroom is instilled with minimalist tones and textures that exude tranquility. Similarly, the room on the end uses creamy whites, warm beiges and serene greys as an oasis of calmness. In which wood continues here to add character through a herringbone pattern on the ceiling above the bed. 

    Modern interiors of a bedroom design

    Rue 32 brings together magnificent and muted, maximal and minimal, opulent and organic, to create an architectural ensemble that morphs between a home that is as much for people as its own residents, and a warm nest to raise children.

    Fact File

    Designed by (Firm’s Name): The Works Interiors 

    Project Type: Residential Interior

    Project Name: Rue 32

    Location: Greater Kailash – I, New Delhi 

    Year Built: 2022

    Duration of the project: 6 months

    Built-up Area: 2250 sq ft

    Principal Designer(s): ID Devika Khosla, ID Raj Khosla 

    Team Design Credits (for Particular Project): Rachita Oberoi (Senior Designer), Vikram Singh (3D Visualiser)

    Photograph Courtesy: studio_nac

    Facebook PageStudio Noughts and Crosses

    Products / Materials / Vendors: Lighting – Leolux / Doors and Partitions – Fenesta / Sanitaryware – Kohler / Windows – Fenesta / Furniture – The Works Interiors / Flooring – Italian Marble / Paint – Asian Paints- Velvet Touch / Artefacts – Client’s Own / Wallpaper – Pure Home, Floor & Furnishings

    Principal designers of this modern interior apartment design

    Firm’s Website Link: theworksinteriors

    Firm’s Instagram Link: theworksinteriors 

    Firm’s Facebook Link: theworksinteriors 

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