• Air Conditioning Maintenance in Lancaster, OH Blog by Lancaster AC Service Contractors

    You have a cool room in the summer, and you are comfortable inside your home because of your air conditioner. After buying the unit, some homeowners may forget that their AC needs cleaning, proper care, and maintenance.

    Many are leaving their HVAC units alone for some months, and they start noticing them when they receive higher electricity bills or when they start smelling the musty air inside their rooms. Preventing these issues from happening is what this blog by Lancaster AC contractors is all about.

    Maintenance is essential, and expert service contractors in Ohio should do it. A trustworthy company that provides AC service in Lancaster OH, is what you need because they know what they are doing and can clean your appliance in no time. Know that they have more than adequate experience and knowledge when it comes to various models of ACs, so you can rely on them when you need to do some maintenance work done properly.

    Maintenance Tips for your AC

    1. Change the Filters Regularly

    Your HVAC systems are equipped with filters that screen molds, dust, pet dander, hair, and any other contaminants in the air. However, when there is too much dirt and grime, they can prevent a more efficient airflow, and they may drive your electrical bills higher. The contaminants can also produce allergies for the more sensitive occupants of the house.

    Over time, the filters will get clogged or become dirtier. Most of them are causing a kind of icing to your units, and they will make them work harder than what is necessary. Changing the filters at least twice every three months is often an important step that you need to take to prevent this issue.

    2. Clear the Bushes and Plants

    Free-flowing air is needed for your appliance to function correctly. As the grass, bushes, flowers, and weeds grow around the outside unit, they can obstruct the overall airflow and make it harder for your AC to work. The result is poor cooling of the rooms or making the unit work more than what is necessary. Read more about cleaning split-type units here:

    Trim the grasses, elevate the AC, clear away some weeds, and remove any dried leaves and twigs around the air conditioner. The fewer plants are there, the more efficient they are when it comes to working. When you have cleared the bushes, but you find the unit still inefficient, you may want to call the experts in Lancaster, Ohio, for maintenance and troubleshooting, so they will know if there is an issue with your AC.

    3. Checking the Drain Lines

    The drain lines take care of the excess moisture of your condenser. If you do not frequently remove the water, it will be the perfect environment for algae to grow. You can do some preventative measures by flushing at least once a day with a cup containing some bleach. 

    If the drain lines get clogged, the condensed water cannot go outside of the unit, and this will cause a lot of problems. If there is a lot of mold growth in your team, a dry or wet vacuum cleaner can suck them out. However, if your AC has not had any cleanings and maintenance done on it in over a year, the molds may be proliferating inside, and it can be harmful to the family that is breathing the air inside the home. It is better to call the HVAC service contractors and schedule cleanings with them.

    4. Switch to a More Programmable Thermostat

    People tend to leave their ACs turned on all day, and they are cooling, and they are essentially cooling an empty apartment or house. Others may forget that they have to adjust the temperature before they find their way out of the door. These will all shorten the life of the AC and will cost you money over the long run.

    Most of the modern HVACs today come with intelligent technologies and a programmable thermostat. This essentially removes the human element, and you can adjust the temperature at various times in a day, even if you’re outside. This will extend your unit’s lifespan and make it more efficient. Before you go home, you can set the temperature to a lower level, so you will arrive at a comfortable and relaxed home. 

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