Affable Home With Eye-Catching Elements And Varied Materials | Traansformation Design Studio

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Affable Home With Eye-Catching Elements And Varied Materials | Traansformation Design Studio

An apartment in Mumbai designed by Traansformation Design Studio employs an indigenous contemporary aesthetic while delivering a fully functional space. To own an extraordinarily designed house in India which would have all the luxuries and functionalities of a Singapore house was the client brief.

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The aim was to create a modern and contemporary house with all the amenities for the family. It was not at all an easy task to discuss all the design details and requirements over call due to separate time zones, but Mr.Issrani, their client had the same passion, zest, and patience for designing the residence which brought the best out of them says Manjusha and Hiralal.

The affable home has all eye-catching elements with rich varied materials, colours, and textures. The entrance is inviting with an attractive veneer door complemented with a brass and veneer nameplate. The plush living space looks spacious and cozy as well as dramatic. The enchanting green sofa, the glorified artifacts, the huge but tamed crockery unit, and the exotic chandelier from The White Teak Company are some of the highlighting features of this space.

The dining table made of dark veneer matches with the main door. The shoe unit, study ledge in Starck black veneer, and the TV unit are interwoven beautifully by the rustic finish. The huge wall is adorned with wooden louvers and textured tiles with brass pattis add more sophistication. The usage of black color on walls and objects, ceiling and gray mirror over crockery unit binds the charisma of the living and dining room.

The kitchen is trendy with plenty of storage space ensuring utility to the last details. The guest room though compact is intelligently planned housing a wardrobe, full dressing mirror, and plasma unit. The single tone room is deliberately blend with carefully selected furnishings and artifacts to set the mood of the room.

The parent’s room entrance has a long passage wall which is well emblazed by different sized brass mirrors. The carefully carved bed for the parents is comfy and the headboard in leatherette adds to the richness of the room The room is glorified with adorning wallpapers, full-sized curtains, and mesmerizing wall art. The movable sleek plasma unit sits calmly on a wall of the room adding substance and utility to space.

 The Master bedroom is bold and beautiful with sensuous painting over wooden louvered panelling on the main wall. The bathroom door camouflages with the panels. Tactfully planned plasma unit comprises of overhead storage, dressing mirror, wardrobe, and a study tray.

A large-sized wardrobe is toned down by covering it with white laminate. The mid passage has a storage unit at one end while another wall has family photos.

All the bathrooms have their own charm with varied themed tiles, large indirectly lit mirrors, glass partition, doors, and bath fittings. Mood lighting makes the space come alive and double up the bling. ” Transformation team has a deep design sense and a great passion for design. They deliver the client what they want- trust, comfort, and value for money!” explains the happy client.


Designed byTraansformation Design Studio

Project Type: Residential Apartment

Project Name: Glitz & Glam-The Issrani Residency

Location: Thane, Mumbai

Year built: 2020

Size: sq feet: 900 sq.ft.

Project Cost appx: 50 lakhs

Principal Architect: Hiralal Vishwakarma and Manjusha Shresth

Photograph courtesy: Prashant Bhat




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