A Subtle 3BHK Apartment Complementing An Elementary Lifestyle | Amazing Interiors

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A Subtle 3BHK Apartment Complementing An Elementary Lifestyle | Amazing Interiors

Here is a sedate minimal 3BHK apartment across 1500 square feet that abide by its monochromatic and subtle tones and a modest framework. It is concerning the client’s inclination towards a toned-down kind of a residence for their family of four- in relevance to their elementary lifestyle. Revolving and staying close to an earthy monochromatic palette and frolicking around with self-texturing is the concept the firm, Amazing Interiors designated for this abode.

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The entrance door is cornered with a superlative PU painted grey door over the vertical wooden wall flutings. The gesture appoints a verticality and in turn, a dominance to this niche. A spacious space, on the inside, gets shared by the living, dining, and kitchen- partitioned thoughtfully to help them maintain their identities and functioning. The highlighter wall in the living area is a vertically fluted POP wall done in a neutral tone- which in turn, works in complementing the earthy tones chosen for the furniture. The TV wall takes a natural stone cladding for a monotonous look with a sober linear console and a wooden fluted false ceiling.

An interesting see-through partition between the living and dining helps in maintaining the spacious characteristics of the area. A fabric glass is held in a black metal frame for this partitioning. The dining table is linear with classic style wooden polished legs; positioned against a large opening to take in ample natural light. A minimal dining unit is fixated against the plaster grooved wall all around- all this set in earthy tones.

The kitchen again revolves around the same earthy and minimalistic concept. The functionality and easy-maintenance are given utmost importance and hence the PU coated finishes and the granite top. Instead of a corned look, the designer altered the perception of the common wash-basin niche to a c-shaped with a black metal frame that follows the same pattern as tile beading. An orange tone for the underneath storage act as the captivating point for the corner.

The apartment accommodates a spacious master bedroom with a segregated dressing area. The signature style here is the close grooving on the MDF sheets for the vertical surfaces and furnishings. It is acquainted with minimal furnishing, earthy tones, and self-texturing throughout.

The son’s bedroom attains dual-tones with brownish laminate and a greyish green under toned wall paint. It is conceptualized with a classic style beading for the rear bed wall and a complimenting leather headboard. All this left simplistic to be made lively by the large opening along the shorter wall of the room.

A wall tiling pattern is introduced for the bed back in the guest bedroom. It has textures to make it appear as a highlighter wall in the room. Otherwise, minimal designing and sober furniture with settled hues are chosen with respect to the smaller size of the room. The signature vertical flutings for the cupboard adds a decent character to space.

A residence design is meant to reflect the personalities of its residents while complimenting their lifestyle and convenience. This easy to maintain and decent elative abode is something that goes with the owner’s conduct and way of living. Indeed, the designers that bring appropriateness in their design!


Architecture Firm: Amazing Interiors

Year Of Completion: 2020

Built Up Area: 1500 sqft

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Principal Architect: Vicky. J. Doctor

Photo Credits: Bhavesh raghavani  ( Yellow Frames )

Text credit: Megha Hirani

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Amazing-Interiors

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amazing_interiors.87/

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