A Simple Guide to Choose the Right Bunk Bed for Your Kids

A bunk bed is a set of two or three bed frames in a stack. The trend of bunk beds started a few decades ago and now it is very common to have a bunk bed at home. There are millions of people who have a sturdy bunk bed for kids or a high quality bunk bed for adults. In last two decades, the bunk bed brands have brought many new bunk bed types and styles to meet the needs of every family across the US and other countries as well.

The primary purpose of a bunk bed is to provide sleeping space for two or more people without taking up much space. Therefore most families with small rooms choose a bunk bed over a traditional bed to save space. Depending upon your needs, you can get a twin over full bunk bed or full over full bunk bed with tall guardrails, high weight capacity and capability to withstand years of use.

A Simple Guide to Choose the Right Bunk Bed for Your Kids

The bunk bed manufacturers craft high quality bunk beds either from heavy duty metal/steel or solid wood. Some bunk beds are flexible enough to let you separate them as two single beds, but not all bunk beds are separable. The bunk beds vary in build material, size, height, weight limit, sleeper capacity and many other features. In such circumstances, it is a bit confusing to choose the right bunk bed for your kids. That’s why we recommend you to go through our simple buying guide to get help in choosing the right bunk bed for small rooms.

  1. Measure Concerned Room Space
  2. Know Your Needs
  3. Bunk Bed Size
  4. Bunk Bed Height
  5. Material Quality
  6. Weight Limit
  7. Guardrails Height
  8. Separable or Not

Now, we will explain all 8 key points that you must consider to select the right bunk bed for your children.

#1. Measure Concerned Room Space

When you decide to buy a new bunk bed, you need to decide where you are going to place it. You can place the bunk bed in your bedroom or your children’s bedroom or guest room or any other room. No matter where you want to place your bunk bed, you should measure the space available in that room. Because you can choose the right bunk bed size on the basis of space available in your room.

#2. Know Your Needs

Some people buy bunk beds for kids, while others buy them for adults. Before you start checking the best bunk beds available in market, you must know your needs. It includes the age group for which you need a bunk bed and also the number of children/adults who are going to use the bunk bed. When you know your needs clearly, you can easily find the right bunk bed that meets your expectations.

#3. Bunk Bed Size

The bunk beds are made in various sizes includes twin over twin bunk beds, twin over full bunk beds, full over full bunk beds, twin over queen bunk beds, queen size bunk beds and king size bunk beds. Now, we will explain each bunk bed size to help you understand how the bed size affect the concerned users.

Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed:

A twin over twin bunk bed is perfect for the families with two children. If you want a bunk bed for two kids then the twin over twin bunk bed is right for you.

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed:

When you have three children then you should get a twin over full bunk bed with ladder. You can get the best twin over full bunk bed and use it for up to three people including both the kids and adults. It offers more weight capacity than a twin over twin bunk bed, that’s why we recommend a twin/full bunk bed for more than two sleepers at a time.

Full Over Full Bunk Bed:

The bunk beds are not for children only, the adults can also sleep on the bunk beds. For that, you need to buy a full over full bunk bed that has up to four people capacity. Both the children and adults can use the full size bunk beds as they have enough sleeping space for everyone.

Queen Over Queen Bunk Bed:

The queen size bunk beds are larger than the full size bunk beds. You should choose such a bunk bed only when you have more than four people to use it. Moreover, the queen over queen bunk bed requires more space than twin and full size bunk beds, so you must have enough space for installing the bunk bed.

King Over King Bunk Bed:

The king size bunk bed is the largest bunk bed size among all. People with large homes choose a king over king bunk bed to fulfill their need of a bunk bed for multiple adults or heavy weighted sleepers.

So, the bunk bed size is very important and you should select it carefully at the time of purchase.

#4. Bunk Bed Height

Every bunk bed has a different height, so you should check the bunk bed height before purchase. Make sure that your room has enough high ceiling to install and use the bunk bed comfortably.

#5. Clearance Area Height

The space between two bunks is called clearance area. When you choose a twin over full bunk bed for small rooms, you must check the clearance area height. It should offer enough space between bunks to let you and your children sit comfortably on the lower bunk.

#6. Weight Limit

The bunk bed you select should have at least 50 lbs higher weight limit than your children’s current weight. If the bunk bed users weigh 200 lbs then the right bunk beds are those offering at least 250 lbs weight limit per bunk.

#7. Guardrails Height

The guardrails around upper bunk keep the children protected from all sides. You should choose a bunk bed with full length guardrails to give your kids complete safety when using the bunk bed.

#8. Separable or Not

Nowadays, many twin over full bunk beds can be split into two separate beds. So, you can use them as a twin over full bunk bed or as one full size bed and one twin bed separately. You should check if your selected bunk bed is separable before you decide to buy it.

Final Words:

We have explained the 10 key points that you should consider for selection of the bunk bed. These tips will help you to choose the right bunk bed for your kids.