A SAFE HAVEN-Modern Contemporary House | PBA & Designs 

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A SAFE HAVEN-Modern Contemporary House | PBA & Designs 

In the Vicinity of this Urban Textile Hub, Surat city lays this palatial piece of property designed for an elderly couple who spent most of their life in Africa pertaining business purposes and wanted to create a haven for themselves nearby their hometown. They wanted their home to reflect a part of their inbred culture along with the bits and pieces that they learnt along the way. It had to be plush with warmth, so that whenever they came back, they would come home.

The house was conceptualised integrating the set of spaces into an interesting sequences fusing a bit of modern contemporary house with the traditional feature elements.

A charcoal grey carpet is laid down which leads you to the grand entrance through a series of interesting steps garnished with flower beds on either side. Keeping in mind the clients’ appreciation of African culture, we manifested their appreciation on the concrete wall though etchings on the concrete wall at the entrance.

The residence has huge openings that look on towards the landscape and the linear lotus pond sitting right in the centre making the whole scheme look beautiful, a perfect place to have a cup of coffee with your friend and catch up over lost time.

A perfect place to have a cup of coffee with your friend and catch up over lost time.

Traditional Jalis with a bit of modern touch minimizes the thermal exposure inside the room, filters and cools down the hot air from outside and creates a pleasant atmosphere inside along with adding to the aesthetic value to the space through the different shadows casted at different times of the day.

The massing of the spaces is done in such a way that it looks massive yet has those subtle variations and details so that it does not become too overbearing with the contextual scheme.

The beige coloured cladding and the thoughtfully put punctures in the walls lightens the massive structure gives an elegant feel to the overall residence.

The House opens up into a large double height space delineating the three zones i.e Formal Seating, TV lounge and dining via an intricately detailed central staircase. The large opening does justice to the space within assimilating the outside space and the living area.

To humanise the scale of the space an earthy interior scheme is followed using Wood and veneers with intricate linear patterns, continuing the same language from the exteriors, giving a more homely feel to the house. As we go up the bedrooms too are done in a simple and clean language resonating with the overall feel of the house. Two balconies are cantilevered onto the garden space and one can come out and soak in the morning sun.


The peripheral garden is segregated into zones through levels, the upper level is n extension of the house itself, wherein one can enjoy the view from afar, the second level has an out seating in two corners, one is open to sky and the other is an elegant Gazebo on the other end of the pond.

The lowermost level is the Pond itself with peripheral deck lounges to relax. A floating deck in the centre of the pond accentuates the water feature.

Principle Architect   : AR Bhavin Patel  (M.Arch, Digital Architecture, UK)
ID Sneha Dhandharia Patel
Architectural Firm    : PBA & Designs
Client                       : Bhikhu Patel
Location                   : Bardoli, Surat
Site Area                  : 18,482 Sq. Ft
Design Team            : Prachi Desai, Om Mistry,Aakash patel
Furnishing                : Mantra Furnishing
Photography credits : Credence Photography

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