A Reinterpretation Of Apartment Living, Enhancing The Quality Of Life | MIAN OFFICE architectural design & research

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A Reinterpretation Of Apartment Living, Enhancing The Quality Of Life | MIAN OFFICE architectural design & research

Nazar Mansion is a residential apartment, located on Kamal Esmaeil Street, near the Zayandeh-Rud river in Isfahan. One of the most important features of this project site is having a view of the river. A factor that had an effective role in its design. This four-floor building includes a basement (-2.10m), ground floor (+0.80m), and the first and second floors with a total infrastructure area of 1200 square meters. The project structure is of the concrete structure and the cooling-heating system is of the central engine room, chiller, and fan-coil.

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In proportion to the position of the floors in relation to the earth and the sky, open courtyards, and semi-open spaces, are located at different levels, which formed spaces for a living (behavior-place) and also are related to the location and conditions of the project site. For example, in this project, despite the very good view of the Zayandeh-Rud River and the green spaces around it, there is considerable noise pollution during the day. Therefore, the terraces and windows, due to its noise pollution, are not used properly at all hours.

 In response to this issue, in this project, while providing various spaces and possibilities for enjoying the view of the river, yards in the heart of the building have been created that can allow lighting and the fresh air without noise pollution (inward yards). During the day, the “backyard”, which has the view of the neighbor’s tall pine trees, and the “central courtyard”, which provides a living connection between the family living room, room, and kitchen, and a controllable link between the middle unit (2nd unit) and the upper unit (3rd unit) is a good alternative for open and semi-open spaces facing the river.

One of the important ideas is to create “various vision qualities” from different spaces and floors to beautiful views of the environment; Such as the spectacular views of the “south porch” and the “Mahtabi” by the pool on the green roof, the quiet view of the western part of the green roof which is in the lower level, the decent view of the balcony of the first-floor main room, the magnificent view of the first-floor reception window and finally the magnificent and Pleasant view of the high hall overlooking the garden pit, which has a view of tall trees along the Zayandeh-Rud from a low height and in a special way.

Another important and noticeable idea in this project is that “Joint Space” has been used instead of separating walls for the purpose of fluidity and extensive vision of interior spaces. These border spaces, in addition to improving the quality of the connection between indoor spaces, add to the richness and behavioral capabilities that can be chosen by the residents.

All of these have led to the fact that this apartment, all spaces, and levels have links with each other. Generally, it can be called a single “mansion”. “Nazar Mansion” has been an attempt to recreate the quality of life in Iranian homes in today’s apartments.

Fact File:

Designed by: MIAN OFFICE architectural design & research

Project: Nazar Mansion

Project Type: Residential

Year of completion: 2019

Area: 1150 sq.mt.

Location: Isfahan, Iran

Architects In Charge: Abouzar Salehi, Mahshid Karimi

Design Associates: Nader Maleki, Nafiseh Naderi

Photography: Farshid Nasrabadi

Source: ArchDaily

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