A Luxurious Ambience With A Modern Contemporary Design Theme | Inner Fusion

We created a luxurious ambience with a modern contemporary design theme in a residence situated at the luxe Nepeansea road, Mumbai. A home is often a reflection of the owner’s personality. This apartment at one of Mumbai’s prime locations spread across 1,750 sq.ft oozes warmth & elegance.

A Luxurious Ambience With A Modern Contemporary Design Theme | Inner Fusion

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“In the bustling city of Mumbai, this apartment narrates calmness and relaxation with easy tones that portray luxury as well as a homely living. With innovative lighting fixtures and natural textures, this home has an ambiance of elite yet simple living.” – Nishal Sevak(Co-Editor)

Super Elegant and Spacious Living Room with Bespoke Furniture & Quirky Light Fittings enhancing the interiors of the space.

A stunning dinning area with a square 8 seater table and enough & more storage provision, yet keeping the space cluster free and elegant.

Every furniture piece in this apartment is customized to suit the needs and comfort of the client’s lifestyle. Every piece of décor along with the tasteful lighting has been given immense importance during the designing of the space.

Staying true to the client’s personality, this home has been given a warm and timeless vibe by using pure and natural materials likes stone, marble, wood, etc.

Cosy & Elegant Parents Bedroom, oozing simplicity and warmth.

All the furniture, throughout the residence has been kept in neutral tones with hints of subtle colours that not only break the warm monotony, but also had hue and depth to the space, making it look fresh.

Daughter’s Bedroom with a mix of different materials and textures giving it a fresh look.This house has been styled for a family for sheer comfort and a luxurious lifestyle.

Create an instant impression with your bathroom by including striking elements, relaxing features and unique texture.

Furniture Layout
Bathroom Elevation

Fact File

Designed by : Inner Fusion

Project Type : Residential Interior Design

Project Name : The Home By The Bay

Location : Mumbai

Year Built : 2022

Duration of the project : 9 Months

Project Size : 1750 sq.ft

Principal Designers : Snehi Zaveri & Miloni Shah

Photograph Courtesy : Manish Malli

Products / Materials / Vendors : Lighting – The White Teak Company & Kumar Lamps / Sanitary ware – Kohler / Windows – Aluminum Double Glazed Windows / Furniture – House of Decor / Flooring – Aakash Marble & Cambay Stone / Kitchen – Cambay Stone / Paint – Asian Paints / Artefacts – Address Home, Oma, Project Blue / Wallpaper – NGC Nafees / Hardware – Hettich & Hafele.

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