A Courtyard Residence Designed In Response to Contoured Land | Ruangrona

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A Courtyard Residence Designed In Response to Contoured Land | Ruangrona

Located on a sharply contoured land of around 12 meters, ST-HOUSE was designed by RUANGRONA to be one of the most challenging and exciting projects they’re ever done. ST-HOUSE owner is a family of 5 family members, each of whom has a large enough circle of friends that requires a lot of space to receive guests and close relatives.

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The house is located on a circular road where on the higher contour, the house looks like a two-story house, and on a road with a lower contour, the original height is five floors. Consisting of a total 10 bedrooms with 3 spacious open-gathering rooms, equipped with a swimming pool make this house very pleasant to be inhabited by a large family.

Located in an exclusive residential complex with a beautiful view towards the city of Bandung, our consideration is to open the main area of ​​this house with lots of openings so that residents get 360 degrees vista towards the city. 

The inner courtyard is being designed as a response to the contours of the land which is so steep, with the aim to slightly reduce cut and fill in the land.

Besides that, we want to give you the surprise effect that you get when you first visit this house. An unexpected interesting space. Because of the extremely high contours, we want to create a variety of different spatial experiences so that residents do not feel the ups and downs that are so tiring in their daily lives.

Fact File:

Designed by: Ruangrona

Project: ST House

Project Type: Residential

Year of completion: 2020

Area: 900 sq.mt.

Location: Kecamatan Cidadap, Indonesia

Architect In Charge: Josephine Fitria, Monica Tiaradewi

Design Team: Amalia Dian Utami, Ghusni Fauzan, RUANGRONA

Clients: Mr. Agus Gunawan, Mrs. Hani Maria R. Gunawan

Photography: KIE

Source: ArchDaily

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