9 Space Saving Ideas For Your Small Bathroom

If your bathroom is too small that you hardly get space for storage, you don’t need to panic! There are multiple slight changes you can make to improve the space in your bathroom. When improving space in your small crowded bathroom, an important rule to keep in mind is to place everything at the right location! 

Of course, this sounds easier than done. It’s even trickier if you want to enhance aesthetics while at the same time freeing up adequate space for keeping various bathroom items. Read on to learn a few tricks for saving space in your small bathroom!

How To Improve Your Small Bathroom Space

Even if you have a small square space in your bathroom, there are simple hacks that can help you create enough space to store items such as toiletries and your towel. So, what’s the easiest trick to perform? 

The most effective way to free up space is to fix your storage solutions and reclaim the unused space in your bathroom. Here are the five space-saving ideas you should try to improve the space in your small bathroom.

1. Build Shelves Between The Studs

Building pantry shelves between the bathroom walls is one brilliant way of reclaiming unused space in your bathroom. The installation process is quick and easy. The first step is to locate studs in the bathroom wall and identify the width and length of the pantry shelves you wish to install. 

The entire process should take a fraction of your time. The next step is to screw wood pieces that are sturdy enough into the walls and ensure that every piece of wood hits a stud at two points. You can pre-paint the wood to speed up the process.

The third step is to cut MDF boards into sizeable shelves. Make sure you paint the MDF shelves before installing them. Finally, carefully fix these shelves between the studs using strong, long-lasting steel nails.

2. Replace Your bathtub With A Shower

Replacing your bathtub with a shower is one of the simplest tricks to do to improve space in your bathroom. It makes your bathroom look more modern, larger, and more accessible. If you want to replace your bathtub with a shower but aren’t confident in your DIY skills, it’s best to get the help of a professional plumber. You can then invest in a walk-in shower or a luxurious shower head for your bathroom. 

3. Replace Your Bulk Toilet Unit With A Space Saving Toilet Model

If your bathroom still features those bulky traditional toilets, you might consider replacing it with a modern space-saving toilet model. Space-saving toilet models have a compact design that takes up less floor space. A single-piece toilet is a perfect compact model toilet for a small-sized bathroom. Besides, one-piece toilet models are easy to maintain, clean, and use. If you eventually decide on upgrading to a compact one-piece toilet model, be sure to check its rough-in size to ensure it will snugly fit in the existing plumbing work.

4. Extending A Countertop Over Your Toilet Unit Or Sink

Extending a countertop over your toilet is yet another brilliant way to improve the space in your bathroom. You can build a shelf above your toilet unit or the sink vanity. Just ensure you leave enough space to lift and remove your toilet tank if needed. Additionally, a counter shelf can provide ample space for storing items such as extra tissue papers or towels.

5. Get Rid Of Or Replace The Swinging Door

A swinging door consumes a lot of bathroom space. If you want to add more space, you’ll want to replace it or get rid of it for good. Many door option designs can help you save bathroom space. For example, you can install sliding bathroom doors to bring a big difference. Besides saving a lot of space, it gives your bathroom a refined look! Also, you can decide to remove your swinging door and replace it with a towel, which is a much cheaper way to go!

6. Choose a Vanity With Storage

While a pedestal sink or floating might take up less space, small vanity with drawers will add more storage to your bathroom. If you have swinging doors that take up too much space, consider open shelving under the bathroom sink.

7. Swap Out Your Mirror for a Medication Cabinet

Consider getting a mirror that acts as a swinging door with storage shelves behind it. This is an excellent solution for small bathrooms because you can store soap, medicine, lotion, and other daily use items in the cabinet without taking up floor space. Your mirror will double up as a medicine cabinet. One simple way to accomplish that is to recess the mirror between two studs for a more polished look. The extra storage space will allow you to stash toiletries and necessities that may not look so pretty. With movable shelving, you can customize the cabinet to your specific needs.

8. Utilize the Space Over the Toilet

You can add small bathroom storage by investing in a shelving unit that fits snugly over the toilet. Other simple options for over-the-toilet storage include extra cabinetry and floating shelves.

Choosing where to keep towels in a small bathroom is often tricky. If you’re planning on adding more storage, you can store your towels by:

  • Hanging new shelving units 
  • Adding hooks
  • Using over-door shelves 
  • Adding towels racks
  • Using cabinets or shelves over your toilet.

9. Slide In a Folding Stool for Your Toddler Beside the Vanity

If you have a toddler in your household, consider investing in a folding stool. As a result, your kid can easily unfold it and use it to reach the sink without your help. And since you may not have adequate room to keep a traditional stool, a folding stool is a much better idea. You can easily slide it beside the vanity without taking up much space.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve learned these tips, we hope that you are ready to convert your small bathroom space into a bigger, more accessible space. Just try performing these simple tricks, and you won’t get disappointed. So, don’t wait but get started right away!