9 Signs that you need AC Repair

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Your air conditioning is an essential part of the home or workplace, especially for those who live in hotter locations of the USA. An air conditioning unit – and the other parts of the system that go with it – will not last forever. The unit itself has a lifespan of perhaps 20 years at most. This is because it is required to do a lot of hard work for lengthy periods of time. It will also need regular maintenance – annually is usually the standard – to keep it running efficiently.

What are the tell-tale signs that your AC unit needs repair or maintenance? Here are nine things you may notice that should have you calling your local AC repairs service provider.

Temperature is Too Warm

If you notice that the temperature in your home or office is higher than normal yet the air conditioning is running it is likely that the unit has a problem. There could be parts that need replacing in the unit itself or the ducts may be blocked. The latter causes the AC unit to work harder which will eventually lead to damage that may be expensive to repair. A local company such as Air Pro Heating & Air Conditioning will be able to assess the system, find out what the problem and repair your AC where suitable.

Unit Will Not Switch On

If you switch the unit on and nothing happens you clearly have a malfunction somewhere. In some cases where the AC has been turned off for a while it could be that rodents have chewed through the power cables or even got at the internals. It may be a blown fuse or another electrical problem. There are many types of AC options so unless you are an expert it is essential you call in the professionals who will diagnose the problem and either repair or replace damaged parts.

Unusual Noises

If your AC starts to make unusual noises that it does not normally make there is something wrong. An internal part may have become damaged and have stopped performing as it should, or it could be a blockage somewhere is forcing the machine to work harder than it should. This needs to be attended to by an expert engineer who has experience and knowledge of AC units as it is not a DIY job.

Thermostat Wont Wor

The thermostat is the part that regulates the temperature you want your AC unit to cool your home to. If this stops working, then you will have a home too cold or one too warm. Usually, the thermostat is a part that is easy to replace, and these items do have a finite lifespan so may need replacing every few years. This is not an expensive repair, but it is one that need expert assistanc.

Odd Smell from AC Unit

Unusual odours when the unit is running can signify one of a number of problems. There may be a dead animal somewhere in the system, for example, but most often it is a significant smell of burning rubber that is noticed. This indicates something has gone very wrong inside the machine – perhaps the bearings have come to the end of their life – and it needs urgent attention. Whatever the type of smell you should turn the unit off and contact the experts and they will attend as an emergency to check out and repair your AC.

Low Airflow from Vents

If you feel there may be something wrong, try seeing how much air is emerging from the various vents around the home. If there is little out of any of them then there is a problem with your AC. If one has none coming from it and others do it may be blocked. It’s worth performing a check of your ducts regularly to see if there are variations in the airflow. Over time, the air through the ducts will carry dust and debris that settles. This builds up a layer that reduces the capacity of the duct. Less air can get through, and the system gets overworked. Your local AC company will check your ducts and clean them for you, something which should be done regularly.

Leaks Around the Unit

Pools of liquid around the unit could be either the cooling agent – freon – or water, and each is a signifier of a major problem. AC units involve various seals that are perishable over time and that need replacing. When these become worn the fluids essential to the operation of the machine leak out. This will eventually lead to major failure and is a problem that needs the expert to handle.

High Electricity Bill

You should also check your air conditioning system if you start to get electricity bills that are higher than normal. This could be because your malfunctioning AC unit is having to work harder for any of the reasons we have mentioned above and therefore uses more energy. More energy means higher electricity usage hence your rising costs. If you do see this, make the air conditioning one of the first systems you check as it is often the culprit.

Recurring Problems

An ageing AC system will start to need repairs on a regular basis – often those we have talked about above – so if it reaches the point where you are calling out the engineers ever couple of months, for example, you could be throwing good money at a system that will never run properly. You may find it more cost-effective to ask your engineers for a quote for a new system, and they will advise you if this is the sensible course of action or if you are able to continue with your current AC unit.

If you suspect you have a problem with air conditioning then we recommend you call out your local AC maintenance and repairs company and ask them to perform a survey of your system and advise you as to any repairs than need to be made or, if necessary, what a replacement unit will cost.