9 Creative Ideas to Make your Front Porch Standout

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Your porch is the perfect place to make the best first impression for anyone visiting your home. After all, it’s the first sight that people get when they drive by your house or walk up to your front door. And for you, the porch is the best place in your home to spend your morning or afternoon, relax, and entertain friends and family (if your porch is private enough). 

Hence, your porch needs to be the best representation of you. 

But deciding the right décor to add a refined look to your porch can’t get harder with all there is to consider. How do you make the space feel cohesive with the rest of your living areas? What decor touch will make your porch stand out? How do you make it feel welcoming even in the cold months?

Hope these creative ideas inspire you to make your porch creative and unique to be your new favourite living space. 


Let’s get started. 

Do not forget a friendly doormat

Since your doormat is the very first thing that your guests see before getting into your home, you might as well take some time to choose. 

When selecting a welcome mat regardless of the season, consider:

-Design – a design-led doormat will add style and character to not only your porch but your home.

Consider a doormat that brings a cheery flash of colour to your front door. Of course, if you shy away from quirky and prefer a stylish and unique piece that complements your elegant abode, go for it. 

-The doormat surface – look for doormats that are abrasive or with textured suffices so that you don’t end up tracking up more grime on your floors.

-Material – is it thick and rubberized to catch salt on snowy days? 

-Size – is it large enough to allow for both feet on it and catch maximum dirt, grit, and allergies?

-Weatherproof ability – its material should be weather, odour, mould, and bacteria resistant. Having a wrong doormat can cause your home to stink, literally. For weather-resistant doormats, consider teak, waterproof coconut fibres, and woven seagrass. 

Restore your favourite sling chair

You may not think of your old sling chair as something to fit right on your porch, especially if it has taken a beating from the weather over the years. But once freshened, your sling chair will be your new attraction to the porch. To do this, replace the seat of the chair with linen table runners. 

Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

Your porch, just like any stylish patio, needs a little oomph that accessories add. It needs to feel like an additional room in your house. Just like any outdoor space, it won’t look finished without a couple of these accessories: lanterns, sun-safe pillows, gorgeous vases, and more. 

Spike vibrancy with the greenery

Plants and flowers bring life to your porch. They enhance the visuals and provide aromatherapy for your guests on their way in or when relaxing. The good thing is that you don’t have to be a gardener to get started with plants. Why not start with easy grow herb garden? Start by planting herbs, such as rosemary, parsley, oregano, chives, basil, thyme, and sage. 

Well positioned, these simple herbs will have your porch spiking with style and life. 

Add hanging basket planters

Rather than just having ground-level plants on your porch, why not try growing them in hanging baskets and pots. Experiment with your choice plants, or if you’re getting started, try sedums, ferns, staghorn, senecios, and Rhipsalis. All these plants grow well in hanging baskets

Bring in your personal creation of containers and pots

Pots and containers with a shade of your colour pallet will create a striking colour variation. But to make them unique, try making your own beautifully decorative bowls from stamped clay, worn sea glass, raffia, beads, and shells, and so many other materials. You never know, maybe the aesthetic you’re aiming at just needs you to put your creative self to work. 

Add colour to your front door

Repainting your front door may look like something small, but it’ll come a long way. Adding colour to your door will make it have an entirely new look. Whether you go for something bright, sophisticated, deep, or cheerful, a fresh coat will do the trick of setting your porch aside. All it would take to repaint your front door is a free afternoon, your paint and primer, and of course, a little more grease on your elbow and you’ll be set for the work. 

Spruce your outdoor couch

Your porch will look cozy, inviting with a comfortable sofa. Unfortunately, most people’s front porch sofas have lasted long and suffered many scuffs or scratches. You don’t have to throw it away and get a new style so that your porch can look outstanding. All you need is the ability to expand its life by restoring it.

Just by adding a coat of paint, changing the oversized pillows, and adding a creative seat cushion, you’ll sofa will begin to turn heads. When painting, ensure your prime is sealed with protective lacquer to protect your furniture’s colour from the harshness of the sun and other elements.  

Mix and match cushions and throw pillows

It can be hard to find porch chair cushions that are durable, cute, and relaxing to sit on. Even harder it is to get seat cushions that will achieve a perfect balance of uniqueness, simplicity, and boldness. To achieve the desired level of style, try mixing different colours and patterns. Ensure your porch pillows match the furniture colour, rugs, walls, and (if you prefer) even curtains.

(Tip: For a fancier look, consider pink, dark-blue, and pink with touches of red). 

When selecting your porch cushion material, ensure you go for material like Sunbrella that offers protection against UV rays, is water-resistant, and whose fill is durable. Most other materials tear and wear out when exposed to extreme weather conditions. 

Once you’ve settled on your material, you may still find that matching and mixing to get the perfect look may not come easy. Luckily, you can browse multiple combinations of patterns, styles, and colours of Sunbrella porch cushions and throw pillows if you visit this page

Sunbrella fabric will not only make your porch feel luxurious but will plush softness and comfort that best match your furniture’s décor. 

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