8 Garage Alternatives for the Rest of Us You Should Consider

Some of us aren’t lucky enough to be in homes with traditional space drives. We all have vehicles that we need to keep away from harsh weather conditions and theft. We also have properties we need to store conveniently to keep our homes organized.

These are what garages offer us, but now that we don’t have one, what can we use to save the day? Some amazing garage alternatives can serve the purposes of the garage to you.

Yes, we agreed that garages should be a standard part of each home, but some folks don’t have a garage. These people use their vehicles frequently throughout the day and require easy car access.

Whether you don’t have a garage in your house and there’s no space to incorporate one, or you are just among those folks that forgo garages, we’ve better garage or shed alternatives for you.

These alternatives don’t require a lot of planning; they don’t consume much time and effort. Check them out!

Car Sheds

Sheds are the most common and popular alternative to garages. This is because they’re space and pocket friendly. Also, a larger percentage of the population has some shed in their homes.

Though most homeowners have small sheds used for storage or as greenhouses, building a super large shed will give you enough space to keep your car and store equipment such as gardening equipment, lawnmowers, and even bicycles.

Whether you’re building your shed yourself or you’re buying a readymade one, consider choosing the one that will be able to accommodate your vehicle and other gear.

A great advantage of sheds is that they’re cheap to install and don’t require much maintenance. Also, you don’t have to deal with garage floor cracks, light breaks, etc.

You can get a metal shed or a plastic one. But most individuals prefer galvanized steel due to its high-grade durability and sturdiness. However, if you’re a lover of creativity, consider going for a wood shed so that you will be able to customize it to your taste.


The second on our list of garage alternatives is a carport. Another popular and easy-to-set-up alternative.

A carport is an open structure with a roof and sometimes a side covering, which is used for parking vehicles to prevent them from exposure to mother nature. It is very easy to build; as you’ve some basic construction knowledge, you’ll be able to DIY.

You can build a freestanding carport or one attached to your home. Make sure you make a durable car port that will last a long time and add value to your home when you move out.

Car Covers

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative that doesn’t consume time or require effort, then car covers are an ideal option. A car cover protects your car against UV rays, scratches, scuffing, dust, and other elements.

Like any garage alternative, car covers have their drawback, which is that they don’t protect the underside of your car. This means that when there’s extreme cold, the under parts of your car can get affected by the cold.

However, a car cover will provide most of your vehicle’s protection. If you are okay with having the under of your car exposed to elements, a car cover can be a good alternative.


Yes, canopies can serve as a good alternative to garages. We’re used to seeing canopies placed for camping or gatherings. Well, tents can also be used when you need a garage, but you don’t have an actual one.

Moreover, canopies are very handy. You can easily put them up, pull them down, or even carry them in your vehicle. These days, weatherproof canopies are available to protect your car from exposure to harsh elements.

A drawback of canopies is they aren’t ideal for windy locations as the wind can easily blow them out.


Another amazing garage alternative we’ve for you is awnings. They’re structures that protect your car from exposure to rain, snow, ice, and other elements.

Awnings are very similar to carports; the only difference is, unlike carports, awnings had to be attached to a stable structure such as a wall. They extend forwards to provide shade and protection for the vehicles stored under them.

You’ll find awnings on the deck or patio and, in rare cases, over the driveway. There are also retractable awnings that you can easily fold when you don’t need their use.

Telescoping Tents

Telescoping tents are also another simple yet efficient garage alternative. They’re considered compact awnings, as they’re portable and can easily be put up or down.

These tents can be easily carried along when you’re traveling, making them the most loved option by those who love to travel across the country or camp. They’re also very pocket friendly but don’t provide enough protection for your vehicle.

Quonset Huts

Quonset huts look like sheds, but they’re designed with ends that can open and close. They’re very easy to assemble, and some even come as kits making them easier to set up.

These huts aren’t much different from garages in terms of space, but they’re much cheaper and require less effort and management.

Portable Garage Kits

Here’s the last but not the least! Here’s an ideal alternative if you still want a garage alternative that looks more like a garage.

Portable garage kits come in different sizes and shapes. They’re also easy to assemble and durable, especially those made from galvanized steel.

An additional advantage of garage kits is they have a UV-resistant polythene layer that provides additional protection. Also, they’re less expensive to set up compared to sheds and Quonset huts.


Maybe your house doesn’t have a garage, or it’s occupied with too much gear – whatever your case might be, there are other amazing and simple garage alternatives you can go for. If you are looking for more space, you can use a design tool like Shed Designer and create your own shed or garage design.

Most of the abovementioned alternatives are more affordable and require less maintenance than a garage. Choose the one that fits you most and try it out by money lenders.

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