7 Reasons to Rent Furniture for Your Apartment

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Whether you are just moving into your first apartment, or are just looking for an upgrade, you can decide to rent furniture instead of buying it. It’s the age of the “access economy”- more and more goods and services are being rented out instead of purchased.

If you’ve never considered renting furniture, read on for the seven most compelling reasons why and how it could benefit you.

  1. Less moving hassle

Moving is not only incredibly stressful, but also expensive. A large part of the cost and time comes from booking movers to haul all your furniture across the city or country.

Renting furniture sidesteps this inconvenience. When you want to move, just call the rental company and have them pick up your old furniture. Meanwhile, you can call ahead and order new furniture that fits your space. That way, on moving day it will just be you and whatever small items you decide to bring.

  1. Increased flexibility

A significant portion of the people who live in apartments are younger and being younger means a wide range of opportunities. Maybe you suddenly decide to go on that sabbatical year, or get an unmissable job offer across the country.

Furniture rental means you will have one less thing to think about as you move. Not only will moving be less stressful, but it will also be quicker and more efficient. For young people everywhere, speed and efficiency are a winning combination!

  1. Wider range of options

People love to design their spaces to reflect them. Except, that is, when you have a tight budget. Suddenly, you are forced to settle for ratty old second-hand furniture that is not only expensive, but ugly.

Renting furniture gives you a wider range of stylish, expressive pieces of furniture so you can have a space that reflects your personal taste without breaking the bank.

  1. Minimalist mindset

In minimalist philosophy, more physical clutter means more mental clutter. Whether we realize it or not, our possessions weigh us down mentally and emotionally.

If you are not in your “forever home”, then why invest in furniture that will only be a hassle to sell? If it doesn’t bring you happiness, then don’t buy it. Renting furniture means you can still have a well-furnished apartment but be free of all the mental baggage that comes with it.

  1. Cheaper

If you can’t afford to save up for months just to afford the down payment on one sofa, then renting is for you.

Although people will argue that buying furniture is an investment, that only holds true if you plan on having the exact same furniture for years or decades. Moving from apartment to apartment, you will constantly be buying and selling furniture, which will take its financial toll. By contrast, renting is a small fee every month, and none of the drama.

  1. Stylistic freedom

If you are young, your style is likely to go through a significant amount of evolution. If you plan on buying furniture, the solution is to stick to classic and neutral items.

But maybe you really want that fuchsia loveseat. Renting furniture gives you the freedom to play around with your style and experiment with crazy, statement furniture so you learn what works and what doesn’t work for you.

  1. Easier to compromise

Last, but not least, renting allows you more freedom to compromise if you live with a significant other.

Two people will likely have different tastes. Rather than fighting over whether you should keep Grandma’s china cabinet or put it into storage, just rent your furniture and if something doesn’t work- return it. Easy as that.

Hopefully, this article gave you some interesting perspectives on why renting furniture might be right for you. Although it is a relatively new industry, it has diverse benefits.


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