• 7 most interesting home design styles you can adopt 

    In a world full of different house design styles, it can be thought-provoking to grasp all the characteristics and distinctions between your favorite designs, let alone decide on which one you want to adopt for your house.   

    Figuring out what design best suits your preferences, needs, and budget can be challenging, especially when there are so many appealing options out there.

    Keep reading to understand these styles’ features better and ensure you pick the right one, so you never fall out of love with your home.


    A contemporary style differs from any other house style through novelty and unconventionality. It allows you to leave a mark on your home’s overall look and embraces whatever is popular at the moment. At the cost of rigor, your house will never be outdated or go out of trend.

    A contemporary house will describe your personality. Open floor plans, distinctive elements, simple forms, geometric lines and inventive designs will foster a unique flair in your home.  

    The contemporary style reflects the post-war period of experimentation and dynamism, when many modernist concepts were incorporated into the American aesthetic.

    What is interesting to know is that Veejay’s Renovations effortlessly blend contemporary design elements with timeless aesthetics, creating spaces that resonate with both innovation and classic charm.

    Cape Cod

    The Cape Cod style dates back to the 17th century in New England. This house design was trendy in the US cities in 1930 as well, and it is anything but dull and tasteless. This style is versatile for many people as it lacks any unnecessary ornamentations.

    The steep roofline, symmetrical façade, multi-pane windows, shingled exterior, large chimney, hardwood floors and siding are standard Cape Cod design features. 

    Today, this style evolved into the following ones: half Cape and three-quarter Cape that you can adopt for a small house, and full Cape, which displays an impeccable symmetry. 


    Victorian-style houses became popular during the reign of Queen Victoria. When you see a picture of it, you might imagine a doll’s house or an obsolete design originating in the Victorian era of the United Kingdom, and you can be tricked into thinking the Victorian style is quite old-fashioned and outmoded.

    This design is a feature of most British towns and cities. You can also find it in many former British colonies, such as Sydney, Australia and Melaka, Malaysia, with elements adapted to the local building materials and customs.

    Its characteristics surged in popularity in US cities such as New Orleans’ Garden District; Brooklyn, New York; Cincinnati, Ohio and parts of San Francisco. You can find Victorian homes in US towns that witnessed rapid expansion in the mid-to-late-19th century.


    In the mid-to-late-19th century, in the United States, Victorian homes would showcase American manufacturing progress and the innovations in the industry of construction. Subsequently, the Craftsman movement resulted, highlighting hand-worked products and structures over mass-produced goods.

    This adored house style gained increasing popularity through architect Gustav Stickley and made its way until the 21st century.

    Thick interior trims, built-in shelving and seating, outdoor shingles, covered front porches and low-pitched roofs are enchanting in US towns such as Seattle, Portland and Oakland.


    Ranch-style houses abound in the variety of styles they display. You can give a ’50s old-school vibration to it or 21st-century modern apparel. There are so many Ranches exterior designs, and you can choose your favorite type from the most popular ones described below:

    • ’60 Ranch Revamp – hidden from view and surrounded by trees, this obscure and charming style includes wood elements that add texture to the white brick front and double doors surrounded by windows that create openness.
    • Balanced Ranch Exterior – rather contemporary than classic, this design is admired for its beautiful garden’s traditional landscape features. Other charming characteristics of this style are classy planters, flowering shrubs, two rows of staggered hedges surrounded by greenery and a black painted door.
    • Modern Ranch – this Ranch style is anything but monotonous – the asymmetrical front open terrace and warm colors of support beams next to the undertones in the accent hall add texture and release humdrum.  
    • Colorful Ranch – this jolly design sparks joy and triggers homelike feelings. Collections of pretty flowers and plants, low-growing shrubs and an Asian-style hedge that increases privacy without obstructing the view characterize the Colorful Ranch home style.


    When you look at Baroque architecture, you see Renaissance architecture characteristics. This 14th-century Italian artistic movement cultivated a change in art and culture and transformed citizens’ way of thinking.

    Brick and stone are baroque architects’ choice for the construction of the buildings. As for the interior design, the elements opted for are rich, shiny and bold colors and luxurious and intricate fabrics. Silk, velvet and jacquard fabrics are preferred when adopting this style. Silk and velvet give an elegant look. They are, in turn, costly and necessitate you take  good care of them, as bo5h can stain very easily, silk has to be hand-washed in cold water and velvet needs pretty much the same cleaning.

    If paying excessive attention, time on cleaning and money is not your piece of pie, you can rip the same benefits of silk and velvet by choosing jacquard fabrics. It’s so versatile you can use it for anything, such as draperies and curtains or upholstery for covering your sofas, chairs, bed and all of your furniture generally. It is one magical, wrinkle-resistant, strong and durable fabric, with woven patterns that won’t fade or wear off of your garments. And the best part is that you don’t need to wash it by hand because this textile tolerates washing in water up to 30°C.

    If you admire out-of-the-ordinary things and are always on the lookout for avoiding commonnes, try to research the Baroque style a little. You might be taken aback by its history and find you like this style.

    You can envision traits such as:

    • grandeur
    • drama
    • curvaceousness
    • contrasts found chiefly in lighting
    • jacquard fabrics featuring woven baroque motifs
    • twisting elements
    • bright colors
    • illusory painted ceilings and gilded statues.

    Motion, richness, spectacle and illusion are aspects your house will hold if you fancy this extraordinary and unmatched style.


    French-style houses look rural and elegant at the same time and exude a sense of history. They feature classic European architectural traits and can look like quaint farmhouses or astonishing mansions. If you resonate with this style, you can ponder further and pick a European home style you like from the following:

    • French Country Home Design – windows with numerous panes sometimes accented by iron balconies, as well as stone, brick and stucco exteriors and generally durable, solid and sturdy materials, characterize this French house style.
    • French Country Home Roof – you can easily distinguish them by looking at their roof. The most popular is the hip roof design, where four sloping sides meet a ridge along the top.
    • Modern French Country Home – it adds novelty to European architectural features. Stone and stucco front, sloped roof and ornate elements describe this chic multi-level home.
    • New French Country Home – old materials and ancient inspired characteristics give the French country home a vintage vibration. The weathered finish on the stucco siding and white multi-paned windows portrays this house design.

    Take some time for introspection and do a financial analysis

    Now that you are clear-minded on the resemblances and dissimilarities between the house styles, figure out what fits your taste and requirements the most. Besides matters of choice, do a well carried out market research so that the expenditures don’t exceed your budget. 

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