7 Hacks to Beautify an Old Kitchen

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The kitchen is unarguably one of the essential parts of a house. It produces what we consume on a daily basis hence proper considerations should be given to this ‘’quintessential-room’’.

Updating an outdated kitchen gives you a sense of homeliness, increases your property’s value, whilst adding a prideful joy that emanates from having a beautiful kitchen.

Have you ever wondered why you enjoy watching YouTube videos on how to prepare some cuisines; most times, you are glued to these shows due to the fantastic appearance of the kitchens in the video.

Making your kitchen up to date does not necessarily mean shelling out big bucks; a significant impact can be made with a minimal budget and good planning.

Here are seven cheaper ways to update your kitchen:

Bring in some unique patterns:

Perfect floor sanding or polishing adds tons of personality to even the smallest and most outdated kitchen.

A floral wallpaper or vintage inspired-flooring can have patterns that have a linking colour between them. Pattern brings out the beauty of the interior design and creating a unique pattern brings out the beauty of the kitchen.

Inexpensive Dining Tables:

Many people say that their most memorable conversations and occasions have taken place around the kitchen table with family and friends.

An inexpensive dining table can be picked from garage sales or from an op shop. If you are in the market for one, keep eyes and ears open for clearance sales and the like and you could pick up a bargain.

Just make sure you are able to fit the table into the space you have set aside for it. Then you can start creating new memories of your own around your dining room table.

Show Off Your Goods:

Try to create an eye-catching focal point. It is something you can do with quite readily.

Add things like hooks beneath a shelf to hold teacups in place. Remove a cabinet’s front and try arranging glasswares/colourful bowls.

When balanced with some custom made planter boxes, these show-offs create a focal point that is beautiful and attractive whilst showing off pieces that may otherwise be relegated to the back of a cupboard.

Enhance appliances and snack drawers:

Do you even know that your kitchen appliances can be recoloured and recoated with Vinyl?

Some geniuses cover all their basic stainless steel stove with the prettiest-good-looking shade of mint.  You may not consider this until you experience its impacting beauty and colourfulness.

Also, healthy foods should be prepackaged in low drawers of any size. When kids come back from school, they can easily reach out and take some snacks.

Having a functional kitchen is nearly more important than having a beautiful kitchen. Organise it in a way that the most commonly sought items are easily accessible and stored when not in use.

Stools, Colour and Floating Shelves:

Metal stools are very inexpensive and are often sold in sets.

To add extra-cuteness, create a little rainbow effect on every stool, and ensure the colours match other appliances in the kitchen. Colour riot could spoil your whole beautiful plan, so make sure you get the balance right.

Floating shelves should be positioned appropriately. Try hanging some rustic ledges over the sink to stack glasses, leaned artwork and dishes. Floating shelves are a great way of adding extra storage.


Use plates as your Wall Décor:

Using plates as wall décor makes your kitchen full and colourful. Position your plates with removable strips or plate hangers.

Take a look at your China Hutch; here you may find some treasured heirloom just gathering dust at the back that can be hung and admired by all who visit your kitchen.

If you do not have anything suitable lying around, check out your local op shops for some unusual pieces that you can hang. Be careful to choose those that fit with the colour and theme of your kitchen.

Hang Pendant Lights

If floor sanding and proper pendant lighting are combined; incredible illumination will be the result, and this will lead to a more beautiful design.

Think outside the box; light is significant in all designs, both interior and exterior. Think of light as jewellery and make sure the light makes a statement and a fabulous accessory in your kitchen’s updated appearance.


Image Pixabay Licence CCO

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