7 Easy Ways To Design Your Home After A Move

Many people believe that the house moving process ends after you’ve moved all your boxes and things into your new home. But in reality, you’re still far from over. If you’ve experienced moving to another place before, you’ve probably noticed how weird and out of place you felt during the first few weeks or even months. As much as you try to set up your new bedroom or arrange your new living room, the “new-house feeling” will still be there, and it’s even stronger when you still have a few unpacked boxes lying around the place.   

One way to make you feel more settled and at home after a move is by designing your new house. You don’t necessarily have to unpack everything as soon as possible. But with a few touches of decoration and other ornaments that match your taste or personality, you can quickly make your new house feel cozier and more welcoming after the move.

So, are you ready to spruce up your new house? Here are seven easy ways to design your home and make it more comfortable after a move.   

  1. Sort out your boxes, including the decoration boxes   

Some people tend to leave their boxes filled with decorations as among the last few ones to get unpacked as they focus more on unpacking the more important ones. Although there’s nothing wrong with this plan, this can only delay the process of designing your house, eventually making it harder for you to feel at home.   


When you unpack your “bedroom” boxes, include your “bedroom decoration” boxes and set up your room after arranging the furniture. You can also have your local movers prioritize your antique decorations, sculptures, and other decors. You don’t necessarily have to hang and display everything at once, but by getting started with your decorations, you can slowly boost your home’s familiarity and welcoming vibe.

  1. Display items or decorations that remind you of your previous home   

If you’re feeling sentimental about your previous home, consider displaying items or any decorations that give you a similar vibe to your last home. Although you can never recreate the exact design or feeling of your previous home, displaying similar items can help spruce up your new home and, at the same time, make it easier for you to adjust and feel more welcome. It can either be a music box, a cuckoo clock, a collection of picture frames with family pictures, or a special piece of furniture. These things can bring a warm and welcoming energy to your new home and help you settle down more easily.   

  1. Add more lighting   

One of the few things that make a house less inviting is when it has insufficient lighting. Perhaps your new home uses fluorescent lighting, which doesn’t only provide poor lighting, but it’s also not stylish enough to promote relaxation or an appealing design. Thus, to boost your home’s design and aesthetic appeal, you can upgrade your lighting with light fixtures that emit warm shades of yellow or white. These colors can warm up the ambiance of your space and instantly make it more relaxing.

Some lighting options to consider are string lights, lamps, or battery-powered lanterns. You can also install dimmers to easily adjust the lighting, depending on the vibe you like or the time of the day. Aside from lighting fixtures, you may also have some scented candles displayed around your home to add more coziness and warmth to your space.   

  1. Incorporate more softness   

Incorporating soft decorations is another quick way to design your home and make it cozier. These may include new throw blankets, rugs, carpets, throw pillows, and curtains. If you didn’t bring your rugs and carpets from your previous home, you may check thrift shops for inexpensive but good-quality soft items. Incorporating softness into your new home can make it more inviting, and eventually help you settle down better and feel more at home.   

  1. Fill your home with greenery   

Like rugs or carpets, flowers and plants are also known to positively impact the atmosphere of your home, regardless of where you place them. There’s something relaxing and appealing about being able to see blooming flowers or green plants every time you’re in your home. Plus, plants also help improve the quality of your indoor air. It’s also said that adding greenery indoors can bring a calming and positive influence to your home’s atmosphere, affecting the household members’ mood, happiness, and productivity. So, don’t hesitate to spruce up your new home with your favorite plants or flowers. (3)

Meanwhile, if you’re not a certified green thumb, you can bring in plants or flowers that require less maintenance. Overall, regardless of the type of plants or flowers you get, they can positively enhance your home’s aesthetic and the occupants’ health and wellness.  

  1. Hang pieces of art 

Another easy way to design your home after a move is to hang your favorite pieces of art. With this option, you don’t have to do much or overthink about getting new designs or decorations. Instead, you simply have to hang those beautiful art frames you’ve brought from your previous place. It doesn’t matter if you still have a few boxes unpacked somewhere, but seeing these familiar art frames on your walls can help make you feel good, settled, and stress-free. Remember, the more you surround yourself with things that you consider visually appealing or pleasurable, the more you’ll feel at home. 

  1. Bring in your favorite scents 

Using aromatherapy can also be an easy way to spruce up your home. You can try bringing in scents that will help elevate the ambiance of your house and, at the same time, remind you of what home smells like for you. It can be your favorite scented candles, diffusers, dried flowers, or essential oils. Ultimately, aromatherapy is a surefire way to give your home a quick dose of coziness. (4)

Wrapping Up 

The entire moving process is already stressful in itself. But designing your home after a move can help remove stress and make your new house feel more welcoming. Whether you just moved into your newly built house or rental home, surrounding yourself with decorations can significantly help you settle down. So, if you have an upcoming move, try one or more of these quick and easy tips to help you design your home.