7 Crazy Ideas Installing The Solar Panel

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Installing solar is a great way to save money while also being good stewards of the environment. While solar is becoming more common for homes and businesses, many are still unclear as to what exactly the advantages are. Luckily, we’re here to set the record straight. So, what are the seven reasons that you should strongly consider installing solar panels on your home or business?

  • Invest For The Long Term
  • Save Money Using The Sun As Fuel
  • Provide Quarterly Sustainability Reports
  • Clean Your Modules While Your Windows Get Cleaned
  • Encourage Others In The Industry To Go Solar
  • Treat Your Solar System Like A Power Plant
  • Take Full Advantage Of Financial Incentives

Invest For The Long Term

Investing in solar means that you are investing in a brighter future. While the payback period for a solar system may be longer than some are willing to wait, the environmental benefits cannot be undervalued. By investing in the long term, you can help to preserve the environment for future generations while at the same time-saving money.

Save Money Using The Sun As Fuel

When you pay an electric bill each month, the largest charge on the bill is for the physical kilowatt-hours that are delivered to the home or business.

When you generate electricity using solar, you have to pay for fewer of these kilowatt-hours from your local utility. In time, the reduced cost of your utility bills will be greater than the total cost of the solar system. On the other side, if you are a business owner for example in Texas and want to get access to the low business electricity rates Texas that are cutting the bills of top companies you should visit Home Energy Club.

Because the sun provides free fuel to generate power, a solar system is very cheap to operate over time, unlike fossil fuel-fired power plants that utilize a carbon-based fuel to generate power.

Provide Quarterly Sustainability Reports

Especially for businesses that have made the investment in solar, it is important to publish the results of switching to renewable fuel. A great way to do this is by publishing a quarterly sustainability report. This can include things like the number of kilowatt-hours the system generated, the number of carbon emissions which were offset, and other steps that the company is taking to become more environmentally friendly.

Clean Your Modules While Your Windows Get Cleaned

Part of maintaining a solar system is ensuring that the panels never get dirty because this can greatly reduce the amount of power that they generate. This is no different than having your windows cleaned every so often to allow more natural light into your home or business. Companies like Window Cleaning BAM Melbourne will be able to clean both your windows and your solar panels at the same time. This way, your windows get cleaned while also improving the efficiency of your solar panels by removing any dirt, dust, or other contaminants from the surface.

Encourage Others In The Industry To Go Solar

When a business invests in solar, they are setting a great example to other industry competitors. Because many industries conduct conferences where their latest and greatest technologies are showcased, solar can proudly be displayed as a way that your company is setting itself apart from the competition.

Treat Your Solar System Like A Power Plant

While solar may generate energy on a much smaller scale, it is important to treat your solar system as a miniature power plant. For example, you will want to have someone monitoring the solar system to ensure it is operating properly. This way, if something is not working properly, it can be quickly addressed so that the solar system is generating the maximum amount of energy year-round.

Take Full Advantage Of Financial Incentives

One of the great things about installing solar in Australia is the available financial incentives. Homeowners and business owners alike will be able to enjoy the benefits of Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC’s) which can be sold for up to $40 per megawatt-hour of energy generated. The value of the STC’s is directly tied to the output of your solar system. It should be noted that a maximum system size of 100 kW is considered when calculating STC payments.

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